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Discussion in 'General' started by Alphå, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. I purchased a hit of acid yesterday.

    the guy I purchased it from put a drop from a little bottle onto a sour patch kid

    I know typical dosages are in micrograms for LSD. Assuming its pure acid, is one drop going to be a lot?

    I've never tripped before, and I am so ready for a great experience! I cant fuckign wait! I'm going to eat it after my last class of the day
  2. i knew a guy that took 3 to 5 hits at a time. according to him, you can't od. you just stay high longer. i never tried it, one was always enough for me.
  3. There is a lethal dose for LSD but its enormously high (just liek marijuana).

    My question is: Is a drop of LSD a lot? I dont have a micropipette with me, but I'm pretty sure one drop of pure LSD could be near 1mg (1000ug)
  4. For a first experience, one hit is perfectly fine.

    Always get a taste for a drug before upping your dose, so you know exactly what you're getting yourself into. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised, one hit can be very easy to control and also very fun.
  5. You should be all set, Alpha.

    One drop is usually considered a normal "dose", about 1 hit.

    It's hard to tell whats going to happen. You may take it, and not trip too hard and wish that you had taken another hit. However, you could take your 1 hit, have an excellent trip, and thank yourself for not overdoing it. Either way, you will have fun.

    Good luck, let us know how it goes.
  6. I am so fucking excited its like the night before christmas. I'm going to eat it at 4:20, walk home from class and blaze a waterfall bong rip in my dorm.
  7. Are you doing this alone, or having some friends over? Plan on going outside at all while tripping?
  8. i don't think anyone carries pure lsd in liquid except perhaps the chemists who made it. it's diluted with water to 1 hit / drop usually before it's distributed at the top as far as i know. I think a hit is usually 25 micrograms or something. there's alot of good reading on
  9. This is sound advice. Don't coop yourself up in the house while tripping, let alone during your first experience!
  10. I'm going to smoke after I get home, and after that I might walk down to a park thats on the beach. Its pitch black in this park at night and I know some very cool comfortable spots.

    I might watch Cool Runnings too.

    I wrote myself a little note to stick in my pocket in case I start having a bad trip. It just says '8-12 hour duration. It will wear off later. Go outside. Draw?'.

    I really know I'm not going to have a bad trip. I've been around people who are tripping, I've erowidulated it, wiki'd it, and I'm very confident about it.

  11. Going to the park is a good idea. That note is a good idea too, anything that will keep your mind off getting into itself tooo much (possible on LSD, but unlikely- especially with your current mindset and being so excited and willing to have a good time.) You should have an excellent time.

    Also, I suggest watching the water when your tripping. When I trip on acid, some things in nature can come off as so beautiful and important, that its almost too beautiful to handle.

    Bring your Ipod. I suggest that you don't let this experience pass without listening to your favorite tunes.
  12. That's it! Confidence is key when first taking acid. One bad thought could send the whole thing out of whack.. keep yourself positive and the trip will follow.

    Good luck. :D
  13. I also find it fun to talk to people when I'm on acid. Call up some of your good friends, people who will be cool with the fact that you are tripping and just talk to you. Stay away from people who will be like "OMG WHAT R U ON OMG" "LAWL R U TRIPPING OR SOMETHING", I was around someone like that once and it really gives your trip a turn for the worse.
  14. More good advice. I've had to wake up the day after a fairly good experience and delete voice mails from people that sounded so somber and depressed I thought someone had just died.

    "If you don't get back to me, I'm calling the police and having them send an ambulance to your house! It's for your own good!" No, it never happened.

    People are strange. If things get out of whack, just hide your phone and forget about it for the duration of the trip. Sometimes you're better off on your own as a first timer.

  15. Bus was late. I just ate it. :D

  16. Its 4:02 now, still not fereling anything. I hit a waterfall bong twice to try to kick start it, as I've seen many of my friends do.
  17. if it's been an hour it'll be coming along soon now :eek: have fun be safe and relax :p
  18. What happened? How'd it go? Trip report please ! :hello:

    GL Bro!
  19. i can imagine he had quite the time. acid that has been coming 'round these parts (norrtheastern mass) has been pretty out of this world the past 2 years or so. such good experiences in the wilderness, as massachusetts offers quite interesting natural environments to trip headdd. i mention this as i find watching movies has a 50/50 chance for me to put me in an anxious bouncy mood.... or make it go downhill alltogether

    interestingly enough, quality of marijuana and shrooms has gone down ever so swiftly over about the same period of time. i know in the last year and a half or so, there have been quite a few huge busts in the metroboston area... i.e. the giant one in cambridge towards the end of this summer.... of course this would have much to do with the decline of availability of good buds

    What I Dont why a ton of people i know have started doing ecstasy and coke like crazyyyyy around here. i mean, i dont knock others' life choices but i mean i can wait for some bud to come around, i really doubt i need to get fucked That badly.
    there, ive vented.
  20. How was it man?

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