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LSD Manufacturing?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Ganjafarmer700, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. Has anyone tried this? Any advice on a how to?
  2. lol. Let's put it this way: If you have an advanced background in organic chemistry, and you had connections to very rare,DEA monitored substances, and the knowledge to synthesize these substances with thousands of dollars worth of equipment, and a whole team of chemists with a very advance background in organic chemistry...

    If you had any of these things, you would not be asking how to synthesize lsd.
  3. Shitttt... No wonder this stuff is so hard to find.
    Thank you and please excuse my ignorance =]

  4. no problem. it used to be my dream as well haha. :smoke:
  5. Exactly, its one of those If you can do it, your not asking how kinda things.
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    if you really really really really want to learn to make it, in time you will be taught. but in the meantime, go to school and become a chemist

    also, anybody who does know how to make it, is going to be way too paranoid to tell someone how to in an open forum on the internet. (or even lead someone to believe they even have the knowledge for that matter)
  7. Have fun aquiring ergot fungi. That and sassafrass root are two of the most controlled substances in the world currently. The DEA pretty much forces everybody caught with those two plants to bend over and get fucked in the ass.
  8. it's not as hard to get ergot and and sassafrass as people seem to think.

  9. heres some advice.....get your doctorate in organic chemistry........done and done

  10. This^^

    there are synthesizing instructions in TiHKAL or PiHKAL I believe, and many parts are freely available on erowid. But I wouldn't even think about attempting LSD synthesizing if you didn't have a background in organic chemistry and acess to a big supply of lab glass.
  11. Its in Thikal...

  12. you need far more than just ergot for lsd.
  13. im not asking how to make it but please list some things its made out of that you know. I always wondered what it is made out of.
  14. Ergotamine tartrate

    Hydrazine hydrate


    Hydrochloric Acid

    Sodium Nitrite

    Sodium Bicarbonate


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  16. Godammit Shulgin, how do you make a subject like chemistry (which was easily my least favourite class in my sophomore year of highschool) so freakin' interesting?!

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