LSD! But it didnt work....

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Metalxiii, Feb 18, 2009.

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  1. Well I get a sugar cube of what was supposed to contain LSD, but it didnt work. Completely dissapointed because it was my first time. Next week i am able to get more, now should I get gelcaps or blotter paper? This time im going through a very good friend.
  2. Try the blotter. the sugar cube was probally bunk
  3. lol wasnt lsd then. sucks. blotter or geltabs? id go with geltabs cuz it seems like they would hold potency better but i dunno. either should be fine as long as its legit. store acid in an air tight container, away from light and heat (freezer).
  4. did you pay for that shit? id be pissed off. id go with blotter just because i think its more fun. gel caps you just swallow when you can take your blotters with jolly ranchers and stuff. but whatever you want. regardless, hopefully youll trip balls
  5. Definitely bunk.. happened to me too. I don't trust sugarcubes no more, its hard to tell if theres anything on them.
  6. The method of delivery doesn't matter as much as whether or not you're getting actual LSD that hasn't been sitting out in the air/light/heat/liquid, or even actual LSD at all.

    Make sure to buy through someone reputable (as in you know someone who has bought from them, and it's all good), ask them if they have tried any, and go from there. Make sure you store it correctly, wrapped in foil and then in an airtight container in the fridge or freezer. You should be set from there.
  7. OK i defiently know it will be legit. But ill end up getting blotter papers probably. Now when i buy them how should i store them in the car as im heading back?

  8. bring some aluminum foil with you and when you get them, put them in aluminum foil under your seat or in the glove box or somethin
  9. So its fine to touch the paper and everything? I just dont want to ruin it
  10. rap the paper (blotter) in foil, make sure its pretty air tight then you can put it in a bag for good measure and throw it in the glove box or someplace dark and cool.
  11. go with the blotter dude. mics are a lot easier to cut with speed cuz the blotter paper can only absorb a small amount of liquid and speed wont get absorbed easily. you can tell if its real by bringing a little blacklight and shining it on the blotter. real lsd glows bright under blacklight. if you wanna be insanely overprotective about the potency, then bag it up (ziplock) and then throw ur blots in a glass jar and wrap it in tinfoil to prevent any light from getting to it. then put it in your fridge. again, that is completely unneccessary though. any cool, dark place that ur hits are away from moisture is fine.
  12. hell no dont touch the paper. at least the side with the cid on it. try to avoid that side coming in contact with anything. just make sure its in al foil at all time then you can touch it as much as u want
  13. alright so im getting foil throwing it in ziplock bag and putting it in the fridge. Now im not doing it for a week after i get it so will that be fine?

  14. i guess, but your way better of puttin in in some foil, then ziplock, then airtight jar in the fridge. just to be safe.
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