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LSD and Vaporizers/Weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Xavior, Mar 1, 2004.

  1. Alright so get this...

    I'm tripping one night on like 6 hits or so, ok? ...and for some reason, the trip isnt *that* powerful (with that many hits I should see my house turn into Planet

    So later after its wound down from what it was - my friend and I take vaporizer tokes...from a heating element and bat type vaporizer. Now usually I'd say that smoking while you trip tends to tune it down a bit too much (for me) ... but this time it was wierd: After like 4 vap hits each we started to trip like 3x harder than before.

    Now finally I'll get to my reason for telling this little story and its my questions: Does anyone know whether weed is supposed to interfere/enhance LSD/acid? and also- has anything like this happened to anyone else (weed enhancing/de-hancing(hehe) your LSD experience)?
  2. Do you really need to ask? I mean besides your expeirence, it's common sense...combining drugs together almost always intensifies their effects. Weed really makes the most difference when you are coming up on a psychadelic, it will usually make you start tripping faster.
  3. Yeh but thats the thing, my friend and I have done it like 10 times now and a few months ago we had a different kind of acid...that stuff, whenever you smoked it just basically made your trip end really soon. It was just a surprise as we had decided that weed just messed everything up and it didnt. :)
  4. Whenever I smoked while on cid it didn't get me any more or less fucked up. Just good to pass time.
  5. Gotta consider that all the psychoactive cannaboids in marijuana do something different to your head (different brainwaves in your head at least) depending on what proportions are in your bud. There's a million reasons as to why what happened happened; way too many reasons to list at least.

  6. Yeh thats usually what I figure - all those complex chemicals in weed...its wierd tho - cause since that trip, whenever I smoke I see crazy visuals. LSD is some crazy stuff, lol.

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