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Discussion in 'General' started by weshh, Nov 10, 2006.

  1. hey, i have been intrested in making LSA lately and i was wondering what major stores in the US carry the non poisoned kind of morning glory seeds.(for example does home depot,walmart,or stores like that carrey them?
  2. most garden stores and stores with a garden department like homedepot and walmart like you said have them. just make sure to get organic seeds. and if they have them get the heavenly blue kind
  3. i forgot the process, do you have a link with instructions? i was waiting until spring so it would be the season to grow morning glories and gather lots and lots of seeds, but to make small amounts you can buy the individually bagged ones. my friend gave me instructions out of the anarchist's cookbook but i can't find where i have them. extracting the lsa or whatver.
  4. Organic seeds are very difficult to find in chain-stores...

    There are sites such as which will ship you pure clean seeds, to the US included.

    (they also have a wonderful selection of peyote, san pedro, salvia, etc. but don't ship to north america unfortunatley)

    Good luck and enjoy!
  5. thanks everyone! ive read that some ppl do the unorganic kind and dont get neasueas, so i think i might try that just to see. and then get organic ones, prolly do that this weekend so ill make sure to right a trip report. also ive read that i should wash them in soap and water, would washing them in hand sanitizer too do more than just soap and water?
  6. Hmm I personally wouldn't bother with the unorganic, all kind chemicals which are more-than-likely harmful.

    But then again, they never disclose what exactly is on them, and chances are the amounts are so miniscule it wont hurt you -- I just play it safe, my body is my temple.

    And i'd use a REALLY mild soap as not to damage the seeds. definatley steer clear of hand sanitizer.
  7. aww come on rasta you should know better. alot of things are chemicals like thc, lsa, and mescaline. not ALL chemicals are harmful
  8. Of course not all chemicals are harmful, but he wasn't implying that they all were. Just that the ones used with the morning glory seeds are more than likely harmful, which he's most likely right.

    I can't help you out much Weshh, but good luck with that LSA ;)
  9. Yeah yeah sorry.

    I was refering more to pesticides and chemical fertizilizers
  10. Heres what i do before extracting LSA because I never get organic MG. I'v only gotten HBW seed that were organic, but i didnt extract.

    Bring water in a pot to a fast boil, Put my MG seeds in the water, wait two minuets, stain, then put on ice.

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