Lowryder grow, expert/experienced growers I need a few answers if you would

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  1. Well I've decided to grow a few lowryders either ak47 or some dieselryders.
    Im gonna go with some cfls, a mix of them with a cycle of 18/6....but i have some questions about nutes.

    1st- are fox farm products available in Canada? which fox farm soil should i go with?
    2nd- Correct me if im wrong, but you start your nutes 2 weeks after the seed has sprouted? which nutes should i pick up, ive read nothing but good stuff about fox farm so lets just keep it simple and say i want to go with FF.
    3rd- should i go with a tiger bloom/big bloom ON TOP of the nutes, and yes i know to stop 2 weeks before harvast and just flush from then on.
    4th- how often can i use the above listed nutes?

    Just a beginner with some experience trying to get a firm idea on growing with nutes

    thanks in advance:)
  2. BUMP come on guys help my grow be successful!
  3. I can throw you out a few suggestions.

    Don't over water, water sparingly, about once a week should suffice.

    Plenty of fresh air! If its a stealth closet, let it air for a few hours every night.

    If you smoke tobacco wash your hands before working with lil`marry, she's a frail mistress.

    good soil that IS NOT moisture control.

    Soil PH levels should be held steady at around 6.5, any variation with plus or minus 1 in PH will make itself evident in the leaves (IE: yellowing, drying.)

    Run an 18or 20 hour light cycle till it's blooming, then reduce the light cycle to 12/12 after 7-8 weeks of vegetating, this will trick the plant into thinking fall has arrived, and it's time to make babies (BUDS!).

    And lastly, but most importantly...treat your marry like she was a baby...because she's frail as one. Literally treat the plant like a baby, no picking it up with the stem or any of that bull shit, be GENTLE!

    also, welcome to the wonderful world of horticulture, nothing compares to the happiness you get from smoking your own homegrown bud.
  4. Ya man, no nutes .... make it a mom, take clones, make a hydro getup....or just another soil...

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