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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by 3To1ker1, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. ok ive been reading a lot about this specific plant and ive heard many pros and cons about it
    i was wondering...
    since it cost about 50 $+ for ten seeds
    lets say they all germinate
    into 5:5 males to females or more females
    if u let the males grow with the females
    ud have a shitload of seeds
    this is a very easy grow especially outdoors
    all u rly need is soil, water and ferts
    lets say all together seeds and all it would cost 80-100 $
    if u take all the seeds and plant them
    ud have a shit load of plants and there under 2 feet so very dificult to notice outside
    u could do this in one season because it takes two months for the seeds to grow from dry seed to bud. then u just pull the seeds off(smoke some bud, i no it wont be that good because seeds grew in it but w/e) plant the seeds right away
    and u have a shitload of short, virtually un-noticable plants for 100 or less$$
    in 4-5 months ull have mad buds
    u can also polinate some of the new plants to get more seeds and continue the cycle

    btw u cant clone or regenerate lowryder seeds b/c they have virtually no veg state
    which is why u have to go the seed route all-the-way

    tell me what u guys think about this
    thanks a lot for reading all this crap
    if anyone wants to do this pm me or post so everone can enjoy,
    tell me how it goes
    the end
  2. Isn´t it just a squirty little thing only a few inches tall?? Fuck that, I will stick to my White Widow
  3. agreed but most plants r tall and unlike u i dont have a nice roof to grow on:)
    so for now this seems like the plant that wont be seen be people walking around
    it gets up to two feet tall
    and always at least a foot minimum as far as i no
    when i get my own place i can move up the weed ladder if u no wat i mean
    just a thought

  4. OK, understood, it is a stealth plant, ideal for folks who need to be unseen. Sorry to be a prick.
  5. its cool i get wat ur sayin

    anyone else have any ideas bout wat i said?
  6. You pretty much said everything about it. I learned about them from my mate and had a good search about them. What you said are the basics and are correct, nothing more to say. I would try them if I was more experienced in the growing itself. This is my first actual grow and I want to learn more about them before I try lowryder. I would say: try/do it if you're an experienced grower, else start something else, like Spanish and my White Widow :).

    Grtz and maybe gl ;).
  7. I would love to try to grow a two foot plant but I wouldn't want all the seeds.If I need seeds I just go to the greedy dope dealers and buy a seed bag. In case you haven't gotten a seed bag before. I am able to buy a bag of seeds for about ten bucks I got 100 seeds for 10 bucks and got 33 plants out of the first 50 seeds. The last 50 of my seedlings are just beginning to come up. I put 5 weeks in between each plot so I didn't have to harvest all at once. The last plot will be ready to harvest around the end of October, first of November. I'll have quanity of weed for my Christmas gifts for my friends.

  8. That sounds like the ultimate bagseed!!
  9. yeah, ive had the same idea for awhile. college gets in my way, but someday, ill get it done. good luck.
  10. holy shit 10 bucks for 100 seeds thats nuts i wish i could get that
  11. I just used bagseed and it is great, its free and grows like a champ. :D JOE>
  12. If you enjoyed the smoke the bagseed will grow you some of the same.
  13. i always enjoy the smoke.

    i grew lowryder x blueberry from mdanzig.

    i got 9 grams off of the plant. expected yield is 7-11 so i did alright.

    had to cut it early though so it wasn't great smoke.

    very hardy plant. grew really well and even survived a transplant mishap. i checked an hour after transplant and the entire thing was shriveled.

    retransplanted it back and it regained it's health.
  14. 9 grams ain´t a lot. was it outdoors??
  15. no indoors.

    i know it's not a lot, but the yield given on the site is 7-11 grams.

    it's not made for huge yields. that's what i expected and was happy.
  16. OK, if that is all you can expect, then fine.
  17. 7-11 grams?

    That is far too small even for a lowryder, are you sure you didn't misread something.
  18. The weed it was a hermie plant and the guy then threw in some seeds off of a male plant. ( JERK) That is why I think I got so many females. I got seedlings that are now about 2 weeks old and they are doing really good. I planted these seedlings in 80% compost 20% ground soil and sand, with some volcano rocks in the bottom of the holes that came out of the original seedling cups. I didn't want to distrub the soild when I transplanted so I left the rocks attached to the ballI wished I would of done the first batch of seeds that way. Thanks for telling me how to get them started right Spanishfly. These last plants are going to give me a better yeild than the first I think. Is there something I can do for the first plants to get them to have a growth sprut or are they to close to flowering??

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