lowryder 2 fertilizing regimen?

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  1. Hey all,

    I just got my 3 lowryder #2 feminized seeds into pots outside. I used a mixture of promix, extra perlite, and worm castings. My spot is near houses, but super-well hidden. Wish me luck! :hello:

    Question: How do I fertilize these things???

    The Joint Doctor lowryder grow guide tells me to use a 'grow' formula the first two weeks and then a 'bloom' formula until harvest.

    Will this work?

    Can anyone recommend specific brands of fertilizer or fertilizing techniques for autflowering plants?

    This is my first grow, and despite reading all the stickies and a bunch of threads carefully, I still feel a bit lost. Can someone give me some advice?

    Thanks GC!
  2. I need to reread fertilizing for lowryder's myself but i remember reading alot of people suggesting skipping the grow fertilizer because the plant is to young to handle fertilizers during the 2 weeks its vegging. So start with your flowering nutes but start out with small amounts of them. I think I remember people using like a quarter of what it suggests, but do a search for lowryder nutrients and make sure thats correct.
  3. thanks dp101, I was kind of skeptical when I read about beginning fertilization in the first two weeks when the plant is so young. Good advice.

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