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  1. My boyfriend and I were going to start growing lowriders soon, hopefully the AK-47 or NY Diesel mixed ones. Has anyone else grown these, and how potent are they?
    We were going to buy a regular pack, not feminized, so we'd at least always have seeds. Or am I dumb for thinking that?
  2. Bump it up, yo.
    SOMEONE has to have grown them on here.
  3. youd be better off going feminized... you dont want to be pickin seeds out of what could have been a quality harvest... creating seeds takes alotta energy out of the plant... energy that would be better spent on flowering bigger buds... everyone says lowryders are a good smoke i've never personally smoked them but word on the streets in theyre pretty good
  4. I mean we'd have males to produce seeds, probably would move them outdoors and keep the females indoors
    I hate seeds in my bud
  5. males have to be close enough to females to cross-pollinate in order for you to get seeds... males dont make seeds on their own... if you wanted to have seeds to grow from theyd be in your bud... not on a male plant
  6. -.- I told my boyfriend that, but he spend like 30 minutes convincing me otherwise
  7. ya the male needs to be close by in order to pollinate the female plant. You can spend 10 weeks growing plants for seeds and have an enless amount and just pick out and throw away males on future grows. I had a plant that I got close to 25,000 seeds from and it was only 30 inches tall. Or you can buy feminized seeds everytime and spend $30-$40. Just my 2 cents
  8. ...25,000 seeds. Wow.
    Feminized lowrider seeds are more than 40 though sadly. We may just grow some Strawberry cough or somethin. At least we can clone those

  9. I agree, let a plant go to seed, you will have all you need. I respectfully have to doubt the 25,000 seeds from one plant, but several hundred is attainable with no effort on your part.

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