Lowrider/lowryder 2

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  1. Can I get some info on this strain? How tall does it typically get? Does it have a noticeable smell? I would like to discretely grow this in my desk drawer if possible. It doesn't have to be in my desk, it would just be my easiest option. Thanks.
  2. Not to be a dick, but google or forum search that shit. Much more efficient than making this a two-step process.
  3. I did, but I couldn't find anything about odor.
  4. Hmm, in that case I will be glad to offer up whatever I can. I'm going to assume there will be a smell with any strain. Some sort of carbon filter would help with this. If you're worried about the possibility of smell, then you should do something.

    I'm on my first grow now, not flowering yet, so I don't have any personal experience. Just knowledge I've gained via reading.

    Good luck though.
  5. Hey Man, I am a first time grower, but I am growing Lowryder 2 in a small cabinet with an Aerogarden. I started noticing a smell on day 17. I bought a quart of Ona gel off of Amazon at the beginning, just in case smell became an issue. As long as I have the cabinet doors closed, the Ona gel covers up the smell. I can walk into this room, and it just smells a little like laundry detergent. If the cabinet doors are open for a few hours, the smell will start to creep out, and it willl smell like laundry and weed lol. I'm only on day 20 now, so I'm assuming that the odor will get much stronger, since she hasn't started to flower yet. If you are only growing 1 or 2 plants in a small space, the Ona gel is supposed to work just fine. If its any more than that, you will need a carbon filter from what I understand. Check out my thread if you want to keep up with the grow and if the odor gets out of control. I don't think it will. I also searched for this information before I bought the strain, and could not find anything about it.
  6. Hmm, I never really looked into the Ona gel. I only have two plants going and I'm looking to put them into flower in about a week. But I need to get some smell control, so I'm going look at the gel as well.

    Good luck with your grow and can you give post a link to your grow here?
  7. http://forum.grasscity.com/absolute-beginners/455763-first-time-grower-ag-please-help.html Here is the link! :)

    My wife walked in this room earlier this morning, and said "wow it smells like weed." Then 10 min later, I opened the Ona gel bottle all the way, placed it next to the plant, and shut the cabinet doors. A few minutes later I asked her to come back and smell again. She said she couldn't smell anything.
  8. Lowryder is typically going to be right around a foot tall...The odor is a lot less strong than other plants
  9. It'll generally have a mild skunk/fruity smell like typical dank buds, they usually won't get above 16-18" tops, and there' tons of stuff on lowryders all over the internet, I'm pretty sure if you look at the seeds on the site it tells you right there what it should smell like and yeild, and how tall it gets, and how much thc...etc

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