lowering my ph

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by kgh-420, Dec 13, 2002.

  1. Hello I am useing potting soil with some verm. and per.
    That i added. My ph is about 7.3
    How can I lower my ph a little?
    IF I use lime do I put it in the soil or water?
    and how much?
    My plants are 2 weeks old I am useing flouros
    adding 250w hps tomorrow
    Space is 2wx1.5dx4h can adjust height up to 7"
  2. Like a dumb ass I added lime today after work
    before reading Woody's reply...

    I live in the U.S what products can I buy
    that have nitric or citric acid to lower PH? my soil is now 8!

    Although on a lighter note, I added my new 250w HPS
    very nice addition to my 21"x23"x3' grow cabinet.
    not much added temp. The way I have it set up the ballest is on top of a shelf along with the highbay alum reflector.
    temp in grow area is good all im haveing trouble with is
    dialing my ph.

    I have read alot before ever posting.
    Nowhere has it told me actual product namebrand
    That I can use.

    Thanks for posting
  3. you can use white distilled vinegar 4to 6drops to a gallon of water to change 1 ph at a time.must water 3times before ph changes for each ph.until the proper ph is struct.start 6.5 that dont do it go to 6.6 if no go then 6.8 and so on.stop at ph plant not showing symtoms not geting worst.if later it starts again move to next ph because the last one was just in the right direction but still not the correct one =plants no showing any more problems at all=correct ph done this before/
  4. jeeze just change the soil!!!

    why screw around anyhow...it aint like soil is expensive compared to screwing around with pH and acids
  5. Gypsum added to the soil will lower the PH.
  6. The day I posted this I went down and bought
    some liquid "Iron and soil acidfier"
    Used half strenght and brought ph to 6.5
    added a side intake fan because temp was around 92
    now it is 85-86 is this good?
    Also I was running 24-7 since germ, 18 days
    Now last night I switched them to 18on 6off..
    Was this a good Idea?
    My light source is a 250w hps on top(10") from plants
    then a 36w flouro (100w incan.) on side.
    then a 15w cw on other side.
    I have 20 plants. about 5 or 6 going on there 1st 5 set of leaves I have mixed plants some have big broad leaves
    and some have skinner leaves. The smallest ones are a
    week behind. I know I shouldent have this many but I never figured I would get this far with them all. as this is my first good grow. Dunno which I should throw out they all look so good. What should I do? males are said to be the fastest growers?

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