Lower wattage HPS??? How good r they?? any users?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by keemo87, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. I have recently found a 70w hps light with the fixture and i guess the ballast is inclouded since its an outdoor light that's plug and play. How good will this be to bud??? I would go out and get a 400w HPS if i had the room 4 it, but that's not happening. Has anybody ever used lower wattage HPS lights with succes???
    The same question about the 150w hps???
    Maybe if the possitioning was better???

    room is 2'x2' and i have about 5' to work with going up
  2. How much does it cost man? The only ones ive seen were a 600 and a 1000 watt both being hundreds of dollars with bulb ballast and reflector, With that in mind it would probably be a lot cheaper to go CFL? All yah need is like a 125 watter for veg and 200 watter for flower (kelvin rating in mind) thats what ive got goin. Either one of them are plugged in haha cause...i dont have room with the aerogarden hood light. But soon enough!

    How many are you trying to grow?
  3. there was a thread a while back that compared 150w or less hps light vs. cfl, and watt for watt up to like a 400w hps, the cfl's were better since they were more efficient. If the hps is cheap enough it might be worth it, especially if you wanted to split it up with cfl supplementary lights. you don't have to go strictly one or the other.
  4. right now i'm growing with all cfl ligts, but i found some 70w and 150w hps lights that are ready to plug n play. the 70w is about $80 with the bulb and all, the 150w is $150 or so. there is also another alternative which is a 150w hps system from a hydro store which comes with reflector, bulb, ballast and everything. I was just wondering if 70w would b a good equivalent??

    As far as my ladies are concerned i have 3 females for now that i decided to put in 12/12 even without the hps for now. this is my first grow so i'm experimenting before i get to it 4 real.

    Here is a pic, and today i'm going to start LST on the bigger plant.

    look at this http://forum.grasscity.com/general-indoor-growing/334144-best-height-top-mother-off.html

    there r some pics in there
  5. Id go for the 150..but thats just me. Ten dollar discount on ten watts haha. I bet its gonna have heat issues since its hps?? I dont know much about any lights except CFLs haha...and i just recently found out they ahve mercury in the bulbs.=/
  6. shes pretty. id just keep her on cfls and save the cash considering how well shes doin.

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