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Lower Tolerance Without t-break??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by noonan1223, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. Greetings blades!

    I was wondering if there was any way to lower my tolerance without a t-break. I figure if I smoke less (I usually smoke once or twice a day on weekends, once a day most weekdays, probably ~.2-.3g a day) or less frequently then it won't help my tolerance, I just won't get high when I smoke.

    Anybody have any other ideas? I don't wanna have to do a t-break if I can circumvent it, but I will if it's my only reasonable option.

    Thanks GC!
  2. Smoke less, wait longer between smoking, don't smoke till the end of the day, maybe smoke every other day
  3. you don't actually believe your sig means anything legally, do you
  4. smoke reg's, thats what i did to get my tolerance down. by the end of a month youll be gettin as high off mid as you will off the dank, and then when you go back to your regular habits, youll get high as fuck
  5. Omega 3

    Wont lower your tolerance, but it will get you feeling more high
  6. If you take bong rips, smoke pipe bowls. then when you rip a bong again, it'll get you baked as fuck.

    vaping at a low temp should help too cause you won't be receiving the entire spectrum of cannabinoids (just THC/THCa) so when you smoke again and get all of them, it should get you higher.

    maybe smoke mids too, but set a limit on how much you smoke? that way you still get kinda high, but when you go back to dank you'll get that cleaner, dank high. Never tried this, just speculating.
  7. i second that omega-3 tip
  8. Hey guys I took a 3 - 4 week tbreak and it did nothing!!!!! At all, nothing....what is wrong with me?

  9. Thanks for the contribution, dick. Just trying to cover my own ass.

  10. don't be stupid. it's like prefacing a threat to kill someone with "everything i say for the next ten seconds is a joke". it doesn't work like that. there's no need to get all defensive and uptight, just letting you know so you don't assume you're safe and post something you regret.
  11. He's just trying to help you out by explaining it wont cover your ass. Don't be the real dick by starting the insults

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