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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by GoSpeedRacerg00, Mar 27, 2004.

  1. Hi I was wondering what is a cheap and effective way to lower the humidity in my closet. My closet is 2'x2'x5'5"
  2. i just add in a bowl of water......i add my watering jug into the room, and the heat from the light evaporates it, keeps if from going to 30%, which is good for flowering, but not for veg, it takes it to 50-60%...........Peace out.........Sid
  3. so lower humidity means wetter?
  4. don't worry mate ir gets me all the time, i get the 2 mixed up and think higher = more water...........but as far as i remember, the higher the humidity the less the percentage..........(i think!!).....lol...........can someone confirm this for me, as i'm stoned as shit, asnd it looks like THUG is too, and we're both struggeling........lol........critter, froggy, someone?...........Peace out........Sid
  5. Hi all..

    Yeah humidity?????? Its somthing i dont quite understand any info would be appreciated..sid as im stoned too, what you said didnt make much sense (not normaly like u, to much good weed!) thanks for trying anyway lol....
  6. o.k......i'm back and haven't had any weed yet, so here's the deal as far as i know.........lower humidity has more moisture......so the gauge goes from like 30% to 60% when water or moisture is added to the growroom........when people from the U.K. go to the U.S. they allways complain about how high the humidity is, and judging by the average temp in the U.S. i'd say that high humidity=little or no moisture..........hope that makes sense now.......lol.......(where's that bong, i hate being oin this state.......lol).......Peace out..........Sid
  7. hi all...

    Cheers sid thats alot clearer now im not stoned, well not as im reading this thread, dito sid were my bong, ps must go check growroom humidity now ...lol.. pps just to clear this up and twist the brain again, at what stages does the humidity differ and what is the purpose??? (Sorry About that i like to learn)

    Peace all
  8. main reason is that the plant grows better and healthier with approx 50-60% humidity..........and for vegging you want a higher humidity like 30% to help reduce the risks of getting mold on the buds.........Peace out.......Sid
  9. Cool thanx.
  10. I pulled this off of pure natural.com (An online store that sells humidifieres).

    "Home humidifiers help to create healthy homes by improving air quality and moisturizing the air. Room humidifiers or cool mist humidifiers can help with problems caused by dry air, such as dry skin, swollen nasal passages, sinus headaches, and asthma. Relative air humidity of between 40% and 60% tells our senses that the air is optimized, and is ideal for the health of humans, animals, and plants."

    I think more humiditity means more moisture in the air. And lower humiditity is just like "dry heat"..... I could be wrong though.
  11. im with u on that one dude
  12. Higher humidity = more water in the air

    Ppl from the UK might say that about the US but that would depend where they went. Phoenix, AZ = low humidity, high heat and likewise Washington DC has high humidity (it's built on a swamp... lol) and high heat in the summer (making it much more unpleasant)

    Dehumidifier works by using some cooling coils to take water out of the air (I think it causes condensation on them?), and then the machine has a bucket of water you need to dump out at the end.

    @_@ whew
  13. LOL......i thought that, all this time i was like, that still doesn't sound right, so what i said above, just reverse it......lol........stoners........Peace out........Sid

    tnx for clearing that one up for us blades.........
  14. so what's the humidity like in NY and also in New Orleans at the end of Jun start of July?........i allways see lots of wet people in bars in films in New Orleans, like they've just sweat out 10 lbs of water........lol........Peace out........Sid
  15. http://www.wunderground.com/US/Region/US/2xHumidity.html

    The bluer areas have higher humidity, so ppl there would be all sweaty, sticky and cranky (I <3 humidity) I suppose :D

    Where I live on that map it's nice and orange... sit in the shade, and it's quite pleasant, even if it's hot out.

    [Edit: a better map :)]
  16. Hmmm, just noticed on the maps there, UK has about as high humidity as most parts of the US. I guess what's different is in the heat... humidity's no thing in mild temperatures, but when it goes over 90F, it's over :D

    Didn't Europe have record heat this past summer?
  17. where i am the humidity is generally about 40-50%, and the temp at the moment is approx 10 degrees centigrate, we get a dry heat here, if we get any heat at all....lol........but last summer was a good one, hoping for the same again this year, and i'll do an outside grow..............looking at your map, NY and New Orleans look kinda wet, so that would be like what, 80-100% humidity?..........Peace out..............Sid

  18. yeah but it was quite a dry summer aswell.
    i think when its hot and humid u cant sweat and cool down propperly, same with plants, they need to sweat but not dry out. when its to wet they stop growing becuse they cant take water and nutes up becuse they cant get rid of it through the leaves. its also a breading ground for mold.

    oh and sid i think 100% humidity = a clould or fog atleast. its when the air is holding all the water it can, if any more water is evaporated from a river or lake by the sun then some water must fall as rain, clould bursts and the like.
  19. Hey the answer to the first post is a dehumidifier. They sell them at Wal Mart and junk like that, a childhood friend of mine had asthma and had to sleep with one on is his bedroom.
  20. lol good point
    another cheeper answer would be to vent the grow better, aslong as he doesnt live in a swamp that is.

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