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Low tolerance/panic attacks

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Ophnoh, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. about 4 years ago I was a semi-regular smoker in that I'd take 1-2 hits every 1-2 hours daily. It pretty much handled my anxiety beautifully. I always smoke the same strain (White Russian). There were times I'd smoke significantly more and I'd feel relatively self conscious but I managed to handle it and ride the high out.

    3 years ago I got out of a physically abusive relationship and went a few weeks without smoking. When I did smoke I had the worst panic attack of my life. I thought I was hearing things and I got trapped in this inner dialogue just fixating on the worst possible things about myself. After that experience I was admittedly kind of turned off of weed and barely smoked. When I did, most of the time I'd have the same kind of experience...even times I just took a single hit.

    There were times where i felt euphoric and just like how weed used to feel, and I'd feel safe smoking again only to find myself intensely anxious. I've taken some dabs as well and after the first time (where I was so high I was seeing double and just too high to be paranoid/anxious) most times I felt disconnected from myself and those around me. So for the past three years I've maybe smoked 1-2 times every 1-3 months, though I've gone for longer stretches without smoking.

    The past few months Ive not been smoking but have been experiencing a lot of anxiety and want to start smoking again to alleviate it. I can't find the strain I used to smoke in my city...but luckily I live in a place where rec weed is legal so I know I have a lot of options. Friends have suggested I seek out high CBD/low THC stains, while others have said suggested indicas like Northern Lights. I'm aware that most likely my tolerance has been very low and I've likely been smoking strains with a higher THC level I can endure. any suggestions in terms of strains and how often I should smoke to build my tolerance without potentially making my anxiety worse? I really really miss the way weed used to make me feel :(
  2. the correlation possibly is low tolerance ---> panic attacks.

    I have been dabbing almost a year and i took literally a 5 day break and the first high back i got pretty dam high but couldnt relax. It was like my fight or flight stage was activated or something. A few highs later my highs leveled out and now i can dab with none of that overwhelming feeling.

    Im sorry to say but really try to make an effort in not thinking about that panic attack, if you dwell on it, it will burn in ur memory to always be worried. Dont be worried your gonna have a panic attack or any anxiety. Just pack a bowl, take one hit and ride the high. See where it takes you. Also if you want try smoking somewhere else for once. The environment around you could be affecting you when your high.

    Now out with that possibility.

    You said you just got out of a physical abusive relationship. Probably gave you some bad memories. Sometimes when you get high (can be continuous) you end up talking to your subconscious self and thats what i feel is happening. It can be good or bad. Its insight on your life, that's why marijuana can be a great teacher. After all, marijuana is a psychedelic and if you think about it your just tripping bad.

    Many factors lol. If i was you. Breathe deeply in and out a few times and try to live everyday as a new day.

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    Personally, indica strains fuck with my head too much. It makes me feel like everyone hates me (including best friends that I've known for 13 years), I'm kinda hopeless, stupidly self conscious (I feel like I dropped 30lbs of muscle and look super skinny)... I don't know. I avoid strains like those like the plague, or I'll buy them in a small amount just to get to bed. I would try finding some hybrids that are more sativa if you're looking for something to bring you up... just my $0.02

    This is an excerpt from Leafly on the White Russian strain. It was most likely the Indica in this plant that was causing your anxiety, and I'm sure the atrocious THC content didn't help... lol. I'm sorry you've had to go through this. Weed made me suicidal sometimes in 10th and 11th grade. It'll get back to how it was just with time, trust me.

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