Low THC decarb

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  1. GC, I'm new to this and very green. I was wondering if the stain is low THC, does it need to be decarbed to make tincture? Or can it just be processed in the infuser?

    I'm looking to process a low THC stain for use.
  2. i think you always have to decarb pal no matter what your doing if you want to get high you have too. otherwise its just medicinal

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  3. Raw Cannabis = inactive THC-a
    Decarbed = Active THC.

    Both have their uses and adherents. If you can't deal with the heavy stone of an active compound then we try a inactive THC-a method.

    For a true THC-a tincture do a frozen wash and no heat at any stage. As you add more heat and time it'll activate more and more.

    Booze in the freezer overnight.
    Pour over rough ground cannabis. Shake 10 seconds.
    Press out with potato ricer.

    Done with raw cannabis it'll be low stone THC-a
    Done with decarbed cannabis it'll be heavy stone THC.


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