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  1. The weathers changing in the northeast and for the most part they have been pretty warm leaving my tent at about 75-78 but the last week it's been pretty cold every morning. I've been seeing temps in the 68-70 range. Is this bad? Also my rh is low but I have a cool mist humidifier although I feel the humidifier would make it even colder in there.
  2. Hi if get too low ya cud look at an heater love.. im in same position as cold at night at min ... i av set fillter to come on a bit later than hps light to let light heat tent before filter kicks in. Be carefull though as ya dont want to burn ya plants. I only do it for an hour ish so tent up to 75^ ish.. good look love xxx
  3. Not bad just slows the growth. If you are in veg you are fine, wait for when you know you have 2 months warm to start. Going below 40 is not good, but will still be ok. Some plants you can lower the air temps to 70-72 during ending phase of flower will make them change colors. Purples, blues, ect.

    Ah I wouldn't use most during cold, just me. What's your rh?
  4. The only thing you have to worry about actually damaging your plants is if they get frozen or frost bitten. Since you're in a tent, that can't happen. These things are WEEEDS and don't have to be coddled or hovered over to live if you give them the basics to meet their needs. If it gets too cool on them, it might slow down their growth a tad, but certainly is nothing to cause any serious damage to your plants. We left several outside last year into the late fall and only pulled them when we felt there was danger of frost. They did fine. They're weeds!! Good luck! TWW
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  5. Appreciate all the responses guys. I wanna add that I have been running my 400w mh bulb for 24 hours a day for about 10 days now. I have heard mixed feelings about this. I also wanna add that I am using auto flowers.
  6. I'm in my 12 day of flower. I did research add put a humidity chart up there this is just a common one so people may say it's off, cause it's an old chart but still effective.
    Good Luck[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  7. The more and more I read the more I find people blow things out of proportion. hehe

    68 degrees is fine, it wont stunt growth, it wont stress the plant, don't worry about it.

    I keep my room around 75-80f but it has dropped as low as 59 and gone up to 95. No dead leaves, no signs of stress, no cupping or wilting, No discoloration. Nothing.

    Just don't over feed water or nutes and they will stay happy.
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  8. Usually when you ask some people a question you get 10 different answers hehe. Depending who you ask.

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  9. Thanks for the response. While we are on the subject, it's about the second week of my autoflowers being planted and they look pretty damn small compared to others I've seen. Check my grow journal if u want pics. But my question is should I water them? I've only ever watered them two times and the second time I thought for sure I over watered. But now my soil is almost bone dry 2 inches down but still pretty wet below that. Also keep in mind these were planted after germination in 5 gallon pots.
  10. 68 is totally fine. I purposely drop night temps lower then that in winter

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