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  1. What effects should i expect to see from chronically low humidity?

    I have a Super cheese (northern lightsXUKcheese) alone in a tent - generally its all looking great ATM and the plant is growing crazy fast ( probably the 900watts of CFL it gets - 18 hours a day) -

    The growing space is 60x60x90cm TINY!

    Supercheese is an indica - which grows much like a standard northern lights plant would - a short disease resistant Christmas tree.

    Temp is normally around 75f at day and about 70f at night.

    The humidity is regularly falling below 30% during the day - my metre wont register below 20% but it's only done that once when i was allowing the pot to thoroughly dry out.

    Obviously the pot dries out faster than it would do in more humid environment - does this mean I'm at a higher risk of salt build up and PH fluctuations?

    I have been flushing every forth day because I assumed I was.

    My run off PH has been pretty stable at 6.

    Am i at risk of some kind of fungus?

    What is the most effective measure of controlling humidity - it needs to be small - with economy/efficiency in mind.
  2. Go to Goodwill and get a small humidifier. The sonic ones are best.
  3. An easy way to help increase humidity is putting a container of water in your grow room. It will be more effective if the water has larger surface area (flatter container) and if a fan is blowing directly on it, a hot lamp directly on it, etc. I have a medium grow closet and this is all I use to control my humidity. I also use this to water my plants, as the container reaches an almost exact temperature as the grow room, which i think helps avoid root shock I just make sure it never drops below half empty...(or half full?:smoking:)
  4. the water container is the method i'm using currently.

    I actually own a sonic humidifier buts not adjustable and its too large - i think i'l buy one of those little USB mist makers and place it next to the intake - which is as far away from the other electronics as possible - i'l be pretty happy if i can bring in upto about 40%.
  5. Try humidifying with a wet sponge (8"x 4"). Should get you into the high 40's

  6. Not sure if you have the space but hanging a real damp towel will give you lots of surface area for humidifying.
  7. I have the same problem, except my humidity was at a very low 17% when I started and now I have 2 humidifiers in the tent and have gotten up to 36% humidity which is still not good... I've tried hanging a wet towel, and the bowl of water with a fan trick but those are such temporary fixes. I'll let you know if I end up finding a better fix
  8. I hang a wet towel also, re wet it every morning. You could hang a towel in a bucket of water so that it wicks up and evaps continuously. If you have constant ventilation removing room air then you'll probably need a bigger humidifier.

    So, what are problems that come with low humidity? You want low during flower to help keep away mold problems, but what about low during veg?

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