Low humidity, harvest days

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  1. Hi brothers!

    I have one big problem. I did my harvest four days ago and i had the buds at one closet in one stack rack with one humidifier. Everything was ok,60%of humidity and so... But today it is a very dry day and by humidifier brokes!

    Now i have a big problem because the humidifier brokes last night(i think) and my crop becomes everything dryyyyyyyy and with alomost no humidity!

    What can i do in order to return the humidity and chunkyness to my buds!!!

    I heard about mixing a little bit of lettuce with the medicine but.... Can you give me more ideas? Or the lettuce is all right?

    Thank bro's!! I will appreciate your information

  2. lettuce is best if your going to use food to hydrate it.
    sometimes i put some water on glass part of the jar, or the plastic part of the bag. works the same,
    if it already dried out too quickly then there is not a good chance youll get the same buds in the end. 
    best bet would be to re-cure the shiz out of it. cure it for months if you have to.
  3. Just a suggestion, throw it in a jar and place a fresh sunleaf in the jar with it, you will be amazed!!! The buds will suck the moisture out of the leaf, sometimes two is required

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