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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by 420dank, May 5, 2006.

  1. Im only 17 and need an outdoor setup at low cost and Mininmal supplys.....Unles i can make them....Dont have my car yet.....

    thank you
  2. I bought some fem seeds. Got some potting soil pots and such. MAybe got 50$ spent. AT 12 I could make 50$ :)
  3. see YAH..!! wait a year to gro =D
  4. Wouldn't want mommy and daddy finding an indoor setup.
  5. Growing with parents around the house? Please don't. You'll end up getting caught or tearing it down not to get caught. Take my word.

    Edit: Plus it's too late for an outdoor grow. So I guess you would have to wait a year anyways.
  6. I'm gonna reply to this just because everyone else isnt helping you out and telling you not to grow! If you've got a good location picked out where your parents wont find or see. But I advice just finding a 5 gallon bucket and put some soil in it or potting mix and then sticking a seed into it and water 2 times a week or more. thats what i did and ive got a 17 inch plant sitting on my back porch now! But yeah and you can get seeds sometimes in the sacks you smoke thats how i got mine! good luck and hopefully mom and dad are cool enough to want to help you out and then share the treasure afterward!:devious: Sharyce

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