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    hi this is my first grow journal thought id have ago at doing one, this is not a professional grow its pretty basic not the best but still looks good.

    i have been told the 2 seeds were ether BIG BUD XXL or Lemon kush, they are so far growing well with only 12 hours of light from 6am to 6pm due to money issues.

    1. 400w HPS (12/12 from seedlings)
    2. basic desktop fan
    3. professional orcid potting soil (with drainage)
    4. 29-30c temp cant get this down the temp is exactly the same with 1 fan or 2 5. fans so i use 1 fan to keep the power consumption down
    6. Baby Bio oil original plant feed (house plant food)

    my poor plants went without food since seedlings up till week 5 all they had was water every 2 days and 12 hours of light per day they are now 7 weeks old and are now going into flowering i'll be updating more photos once a week now upto week 7 will be week 8 on monday

    heres the first six weeks and the feed if you want to know what it is

    week 5 is on another thread i cant get it off so sorry that photo cant be put here

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    heres week 7 this is of both plants separate photos and a few random shots

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  3. week 8

    sorry i'm late i forgot to take the photos yesturday here they are now

    i'm now staring to think they 2 different strains just by looking at them you'll see that the tops look different 1 is more developed than the other and the leaves are slightly different

    ive decided to give them names Rose and Felicia

    heres pics of week 8

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  4. Subbed to see how the low budget grow works out. Idk anything about growing so I'm not sure if I'm even right by saying "looking good so far" but.....looks good!

    Edit: I couldn't help but notice how extremely messy your room looks lol
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    im always baked cant be bothered to stuff lol

    xbox360 pc and weed thats all i do :p
  6. Nice Jay they look happy mate any updates?

    I might get some garden centre soil myself and some balanced all round tomato nutes.

    This bio bizz all mix I'm using has deficiencies which you need to buy other crap to fix.

    It's ruining my easy ryders.
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    i've run in to a little trouble with 1 of my girls (Felicia) think i over watered her she doesnt look to good i'm trying to help her but its 50/50 at the moment

    the baby bio original is for house plants peace lilly etc, its been around for 60 years its gotta be good stuff it gets 5stars from customer reviews and its only £3 in the uk so it be something like $6 in the usa its cheap stuff the only down side is its only got 175ml per bottle it is the stuff you mix with water but im guessing it will only last a couple of small grows if you want cheap tho its the shit its better than miracle grow and cheaper i know that much,

    not trying to be lazy here but not sure where you are in the world so please google (Baby Bio original) if your stuck come tell me where you are and i'll find you a link

    cheap soil erm try not to go for too cheap, go for cheap professional soil you know so its not a silly price i wouldnt spend more that £5-£10 on soil if its to keep it cheap i know theres way better stuff out there but some of us gotta make do with what we got

    thanks for the compliments i'll be uploading more photos tomorrow i up date pics every Monday my other female (Rose) is doing great you can look forward to seeing her but felicia she doesnt look good at all i'll still post tho
  8. I'm in the UK mate, I'll get some I have the full bio bizz range at the minute and my plants are yellowing showing mag def ph id fine the leaves look like shit.

    On the plus side it's flowing forming crystals with 4 weeks to go. I was going to do what you did take the soil out and clean roots an repot, but I'm just gonna see how they go.

    Reppin for the info.
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    i had to repot my plant thats all i could think of i just changed the soil to see if it drys her out a little i'm worried about her hope she pulls through

    heres a link
  10. hi this is week 9

    ive run into a bit of bother with my plants (felicia) the 1 without bud sites she got over watered last week i thought she was dead so i took her out the soil cleaned her roots and put her in different soil (had to be multi-purpose compost) and shes coming back to life but its not pretty i'll upload a photo to what she looked like before the weekend i have mended her up a little

    with rose i just took her out to take these photos i accidently dropped her so she appears a little bent shes ok just not as straight as she was im sure the light will bend her straight again its not too bad ......... i havent had much look the last few days have i???

    heres me girls 9 weeks into the world
    first few pics is rose then felicia, i know i've fucked up theres no need to tell me i'm very aware of this (accidents do happen even tho its a bad idea)

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  11. here is Felicia
    first photo is when i thought she was dead on friday and the next 3 photos are what she currently looks like now she seems to be coming back to life

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  12. She looks like she is coming round mate, I still think your plants look good. I did a transfer like this today on one on my easy ryders as a test the soil ph is knackered.

    I didn't realise how messy if would be blocked my bath with all the peat and stuff haha. If it comes round ok I'm buying some more soil an doing the other 2.

    Fingers crossed for us both.

  13. i've read somewhere that transplantation stunts the growth for about a week cos the roots need to settle, but it needed doing if i didnt do it shed probably be in the bin now :(

    yes i agree she seems to be getting better :) im just giving her very small amounts of water every few days shes had a tiny bit of my feed mix and so far so good i can tell shes still sick but no where near what she was

    transplantation is a very messy job yes and its not something you wanna do openly outside so we gotta use sinks and baths its terribly messy

    ive just had to replant rose she was rootbound i may do things i shouldnt but in an emergency i will do anything to help

    posting more photos next week on monday hopefully i'll have something better to show you its been a ruff week for my girls need to get back on track and good luck m8 i dont know the meaning of PH but sounds like you done the right thing by your bitches happy :smoke::gc_rocks:
  14. nice looking girls you got there man
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    thank you:) a little bit worried about 1 of my girls but shes getting better i think
  16. Week 10

    i'm running into more problems this week a few leaves on each plant are turning yellow and dying off just some not alot i don't know what the crack is there, there's loads of new growth happening on each plant believe it or not there's still no smell at all

    the good news is i seemed to of gotten Felicia back to life yipppy shes been looking a little lively since yesterday am sure she gonna pick up now

    here they are

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  17. I gave mine some alg a mic bio bizz seaweed shit and a spoon of molasses in 2ltrs, they greened up in days! might be able to get some cheap seaweed stuff I thought mine was n burn or def but I dunno they are looking ok now.

    I snapped a branch on mine trying to move it over so the buds could get more light, I now have couple of buds on the branch wrapped in kitchen towel in my sock draw. I'm not sure what it will be like its covered in crystals but all clear harvest is 3-4 weeks off yet, gonna dry it out roll it up and let a mate smoke that shit first haha.

    mine don't smell like weed they have a funky smell like pungent nettles/grass.
  18. try backing off on the food with your problem plant its looking a little over fed to me. try a good flush and dry her out for a day or 2 longer then normal, let some oxygen get to her roots.... thats what i would do anyways
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    week 11

    :wave: sorry im very late in the updates got a new pc n been busy with that.

    my plant (felicia) that i over-watered has picked up loads since then shes getting bushy now not looking dead at all and the female hairs are becoming more noticeable just nothing like rose yet....

    my other plant (rose) shes well into the flowering cycle but she dont look too healthy about 10% of the leaves look like they dying and she has shed loads of them and also ether ive lost my sense of smell or she doesnt actually smell at all theres no smell man (seriously).

    I've not fed ether plant for about 2 weeks i thought it was too much food but not sure, my bedroom has been very cold at night time the last few weeks obviously my light goes off at 6pm so they do have to spend 12hrs in this bloody cold maybe thats why???

    heres my girls (first 2 is of felicia shes picked up well hasn't she)? the rest are rose

    my plants were root bound so i bought some bigger pots just replanted them

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  20. yeah man every plant ive grown just smells like grass or weeds lol if you really want to smell something lightly put 2 fingers around the middle of stem and carefully rub the stem and then smell your fingers it always smells like skunk even in veg stage trust me, this is the only grow ive had a little success in not sure on the smell that should come tho never experienced it appart from when i buy a bag of weed that stinks but rose doesnt unless i do that trick i told you about

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