Low Budget Grow Closet with God Bud

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by robbinthehood, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, well the time has finally come and I have found some clones of god bud from a local guy and decided to do what Ive always wanted grow my own. I really want about three plants with the use of lst using just soil. I have already purchased the soil and have one clone right now and am using jungle growth potting soil with no time release nutrients with some perlite and worm castings.

    My whole problem though is trying to be pretty stealth in my closet and try to be low budget. It has to look normal closed but I dont really care how it looks inside in other words it can be open air. I was thinking of just using two 150w hps from e-conolights and wiring them together and trying to construct a cool tube for them (looking for guidance) so it does not get too hot. Now the whole problem with that is ducting for the hot air from the light. I would like to be able to keep the door closed with no holes in it as that would look sort of strange and there are no windows.

    One idea of mine is just to possibly leave the door open and just duct it into the room through a carbon filter so it does not smell. I would really like to be able to close the door but the air would probably get stale with not enough ventilation and not get enough CO2 so the door would probably have to be open unless there is another option. Does anyone know of any solutions to this? It could be enclosed but that would really throw cost way up. I have a little time as it is just veging in a friends closet to decide what to do/design for the whole operation.

    Anyone have any input? Also what is the typical output of god bud with lst in soil? I really dont know.

    Thanks guys

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