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lovwe much love

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Mr.bubbles, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. ok sorry for the grammer errors dxm plus dark and barry white and marvin gaye and jimi hendrix and poink floyed in the same room :eek: know ats thats like..fuckin i miss this wait need to change song..jim is soo cool man i wish i could have met him, he is defintly my know he fucks with my head so much its not even funny..i mean i love him literly..i would turn gay for him :eek: now that was sarcasim..i dont know how i am writing dont have to read it..well shit you probly im listening to castles made of sand..but man i need to get some weed after my dt and im getting like 20 grams..and some ummm more liver is going to be shit...:D live kife when i can..shit i have to go my eyes are burning and my head is itchin..
  2. Shit, bubs, you're high, dude.

    Hahaha, it makes sense to me though, Jimi was a musical legend for sure.

    Music was absolutley inspiring.

    You should check out old school blues like Stevie Ray Vaughn, you might like it.
  3. Should I be scared that I just understood every word of that? :rolleyes:
  4. dudei hate the itch on dxm, they should remove that dye from robo's cause when i tripped i thought my brain was melting out of my head
  5. it was too..i love dxm

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