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  1. Does love cure all wounds and solve all problems?
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  2. subconsciously, yes
    but you need to bring it conscious and spread it around, or it gets nowhere but yourself
  3. No. Not even close.
  4. Only for a moment.
  5. Love (in the generalized sense: respect and concern for life) inspires greatness, but little more. It points us in the direction of the cures and solutions.
  6. ya, you'll never see me like unicorn

    its unbelievable, amazing
  7. Love can also cause all wounds and create all problems.
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  8. God is Love.
  9. Yes love does cure all problems, not instantly but inevitably. The process is so insanely slow that it seems non existent and I doubt we see the final results in our lifetime, but it is happening that I am sure of. Of course this is only one mans truth from one mans perspective.

  10. perfect. +1 for you my friend :D
  11. Can i please revive this thread?

    Is it better to be feared by all, or to be loved by all?

    If you are loved by all, there is so many obligations that must be kept, so it would be easier to be feared by all.

    Yet you can not be hated
  12. fear like awe, fear, loving fear? or dam you to hell fear?
  13. Loved by all. Simply because if you were feared by all, not a single one would love you. And to not have a single person care is a tough thing to live with.

    Plus it would be easier to make one not love you as apposed to making one not fear you, in most cases I would imagine.
  14. Do you agree that there can only be one option? Or is it possible to obtained a little of both?

    If one is loved by all, what is to stop that person from taking advantage of that love? If that is the case, would it be better to be respectively feared?
  15. I think it is better to be loved and revered, loved, because love is good, and revered, so people wouldn't walk all over you.
  16. Time heals/destroys all things.
  17. Better to be both loved and feared by all. Write it in a book and spread the word immediately. :devious:
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    You answered your own question. The thing stopping the person from taking 'advantage' of love is love.
  19. love is a thing , and all things have another side

    love leads to hate and back again , it brings joy then you fall into sorrow

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