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  1. Describe to me your concept of love.
  2. Unconceptual and total.
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    What's your concept of unconceptual?
  4. non-existant and yet the basis of all energy
  5. This is what I felt moments before making this thread.. I think I may be complete.

    To others, please continue to post.
  6. [ame=]YouTube - Mars ill - Loves Not[/ame]
  7. Powerful intangible force
  8. Unconditional and acceptance.

  9. .....
  10. A omnipresent, nonjudgmental force.
  11. a simple name for a complex amalgamation of feelings/thoughts
  12. Infatutation. Is there really such a thing as eternal, everlasting true love?... I've yet to see it yet. I don't really care about love myself, though. If it exists, if it comes, it will, if it doesn't, there's weed.

    Yep, me and Mary Jane are gonna get marry when they get to legalizing those sorta things. :D

    Seriously though there's so many kinds of love, like with family and friends, those I believe in, of course. It's down to personal opinion in the end.
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    my concept of love is that it is not a concept

    when we fall in love, who thinks thoughts about it!?

    your simply in love & you know it, you can't help or control it
    thoughts & concepts are most of the time about trying to control something

    when we're in love we can't make our love grow or shrink, appear or disappear, fade in or out
    it is totally spontanious, only existence is spontanious
    therefore love is the foundation of existence itself

    it is Being

  14. Love?!

    -Civilization lost contact with devine Love (One)
    -We are on a path that will ether bring Love back or Love will be gone forever
    - Western Culture has raped Love and all of its meaning (We love materially , Not spiritually as we should)
    -No longer a part of human nature but just as you said a "Concept" that we have yet to re-attain
  15. "I enjoy entertaining the idea of perrenial love, but certainty can easily be defined as hope. Eternal passion is a timeless dream, only with the acute possibility of being fulfilled."

  16. baby dont hurt me, no more

    [ame=]YouTube - Haddaway-What is Love?[/ame]
  17. Having your [objective] judgement clouded by feelings of affection.
  18. What's your concept of unconceptual? I would assume it would have something to do with 'unable to be conceived', in which case the question shifts to: 'What is your concept of concept"?
  19. the emotion that engulfs one entirely and makes them whole

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