Love Parties!

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  1. I think you guys need to get together and bring back 'love' parties. Get high as a kite and have sex with each other. One big party!

    Back to the 70's!
  2. Whole heartedly agree, Idk why it ever stopped.

  3. aids.
  4. condoms
  5. Admission: proof of no std's (recent)
  6. Just find a swingers club looking for single guys, nothing like porking some dude's wife right in front of him!
  7. [quote name='"Dissec"']


    Not worth it
  8. Smoking parties with a bunch of people, like 4/20!!!!
  9. That's what all my parties are like if theres alcohol involved. :smoke:
  10. We have to get a GC party going, maybe once a year or something, if not sex, just a night where we can all meet and get fucked up.

    Maybe we can have regional parties or something.
  11. That wouldnt work the internet is almost all guys
  12. [​IMG]

    These ladies are on board.

  13. Not my kinda ladies:bolt:

  14. [​IMG]

  15. I'll take the one with false teeth, I never had a gummer before :wave:
  16. This is an excellent idea.

  17. well neither have I....hmmm:cool:

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