Love for the Box'

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Bigpappyj, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. Droppin in to say i love the box, Its kept me entertained helped me out and i actually learned alot. I know more about drugs than any 18 year old should no thanks to you guys.. in a good way.

    Anyway im comin down off some bomb mushrooms and chillin on 30mg OC hows the rest of the Box' tonite?
  2. coke and weed brother, coke and weed.


  3. I wanna try coke, cant find it. Its out there just gotta look in the right places.
  4. knowledge is power, bro. I've learned a shit-ton as well. GC rocks fo sho.
  5. the box is a wonderful place

    im drinkin some sauza tonight, again. 5 shots down and about 4 fingers left in the bottle
  6. Yeah its also like the box taught me how to be more tolerant and respectful of people. I dont judge people because i dont know what they are going through. I used to be a huge homophobe but now i can care less, its like it taught me to be a better person
  7. Nice bro. I'm about six beers deep, sippin on some dewars white. I wish i was back in the caribbean headin for belize.....swingin thru the jungle...
  8. werent you drinkin dewars the other night? i remember talkin to someone about it. the caribbean sounds loverly right now. i just wanna drum in the sun
  9. I love the fucking Box. I've learned a ton.
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    Yeah man that was me. I'm thinkin bout the caribbean now cause the first time i had it was aboard a royal carribean cruise ship headed for belize a few months was so good on the rocks, sitting on a chair on deck 9.

    I love the warm salty air on my face when i'm sippin on some scotch
  11. ive never been on a cruise ship, but i was born on guam. lived there for two years, got baptized in a giant sea-shell. i hope to go back someday, but thatd be an expensive trip.
  12. air force kid, huh? welcome to the club :)
  13. yep, air force paid for med school for my dad. he got to choose where he was based though, it was either guam or some desert island near spain, he made the right choice
  14. im geekd up. i love the box too :)
  15. I've learned a lot from my short time here. Much love for the box.

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