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Love Blunts But Hate The Taste

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by The innovator, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. So basically once in awhile I like to smoke a nice blunt to myself and just get ripped. I usually smoke glass but sometimes it's just nice to smoke a blunt. My problem is I hate the taste of blunts but I love how long they burn and how you can put a large amount in them. My blunts probably last twice as long as my joints if I put the same amount in. Is there any way to make a joint last as long as a blunt or are there any blunt wraps that don't taste so gross? BTW don't say a glass blunt I want the joint/ blunt feel.

  2. they make clear blunt wraps
  3. I've always been a fan of the Aleda Cellulose rolling papers. They can be hard to work with but they burn nice and slow and all you really taste is the bud. 
  4. If you don't like the taste of blunt wraps, don't get a blunt wrap, get a normal tobacco leaf instead. And don't limit yourself to what they sell at gas stations, cigar shops should have a wonderful variety of wrapper leaves, filler, or just a whole cigar to cut down.
  5. Get kingsize organic hemp raws. There as big as a blunt and i promise it will burn as slow as one if you can roll it right. Plus all you taste is delecious ganja. Im not a fan of clear papers myself just because they burn wierd and taste wierd.
  6. try stuffing a black and mild might take a lotta weed but its worth it or try cyclones they taste great and come in alot of flavors. but it might just be the skin your rolling what blunts are you useing?
  7. Maybe it's just the type of cigar you're getting. I think many people (including myself) are really picky when it comes to blunt selection. I CAN'T STAND swishers :wacko: White owls are okay, but Dutch Masters are my favorite. If you haven't tried many brands, just go pick up a few different kinds and take a puff off each one to see if you like any of those.

    If you've tried a bunch and still hate em, you're probably not gonna like any of them lol.
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    just get a different flavor of wraps. out here we usually buy the 2XXL since you get 2 cigar wraps but they are too huge to roll one by itself so we split the 2 into 4 so we can have more wraps to use. They come in a variety of flavors; mango, peach, kush, grape, blueberry etc. the newest flavor they came out with is called black mamba, smells like a brownie but everyone says its taste like black cock
  9. I have always enjoyed the taste of a joint because it's like you get greens with every hit. Zig zag makes king size papers and king size rollers. Why people use those thick brown papers (or tobacco leaves) is beyond me. A half gram of fire bud and I'm good.
  10. I do not want to smoke with anyone that knows what black cock tastes like. Unless she is hot.
  11. My favorite papers are "rice paper" which looks clear and see through. They are so smooth and burn so perfectly and quite long. Snoop dogg brand is how I was introduced cuz they're only a buck, bt I recently found a newer brand, cnt remember what it is rght now tho....
  12. try a philly or swisher blunt. Juicy jay blunt wraps are not badd too
  13. Elements?
  14. ^yeah that one!
  15. Try cherry blunt wraps the sweet taste mixed with the taste of the weed is orgasmic! I usually hate flavoured skins/wraps but holy shit grape ones are fuckin munchin!
  16. If you roll your joints tighter they'll burn slower. The only draw back is that the tighter the roll, the harder they are to hit.
  17. Mango is always a safe flavor to go with.
  18. get a Garcia y Vega "Pops Crystals"; my favorite blunt by far; natural tobacco, very light tobacco taste; incredibly easy to split and roll, seems like i get a perfect one every time without really trying; and that just smoke soo nice. super smooth, and super tasty. Some might not like them because they're pretty small; like smaller than a Swisher, but i usually smoke personals and its the perfect size for a personal blunt imo.
    but OP can you tell us what about the taste you don't like? if its the flavorings you can get natural leaf cigars (like the one up there^^) . Dutch Masters, Game, that will just add a bit of a tobacco tinge to the taste; i much prefer them to the more processed cigarillos like White Owls, Swishers, etc.
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    I never like to smoke blunts I like papers the most I enjoy just tasting straight bud and I don't like how blunts hurt your mouth when you keep smoke in it when you go to french inhale or ghost. 
    If you buy Bob Marley extra long papers and grind and roll the weed correctly it honestly burns the same amount of time as a blunt. I use these all the time. They're clean and smooth, really my favorite papers, they're a little hard to roll at first if your like most people but practice makes perfect  ;)
    I still enjoy an occasional blunt when I'm with my friends, but theres no need I've rolled 1 1/4 RAW papers that have lasted longer than some blunts. RAW is also a really good and healthy brand of rolling papers if you care about your health.
  20. Don't use wraps, they're nasty and taste like chemicals. Just get a game or dutchie, they have a much better taste and they burn better too.

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