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Love and pain

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by ReadThis, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. omg...same here

    it actually has gotten better since I work out and smoke pot...before I was depressed all the time doing nothing
  2. endless bowls, meditation, lifting up heavy stuff, and running have done wonders for me as well boys. just stay fit in both mind and body and the biddies will come runnin, dont allow yourself to get screwed over and hurt tho; make a girl EARN your affection. Never give more than you get.

    This is all coming after many mistakes on my part. Neva again:wave:.
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    Why do people bitch and moan about love, it's a trap we make for ourselves. We dope ourselves into believing that "she's the one", and after how good all the kisses and handjobs felt, you justify it. Do you think that's love?

    Fuck that, love is when you want to be with her and are still embarrassed to show her your boner through the pants. Love is thinking about her in a non-sexual way. Love is having her bring out things you never knew you had in you. Love is what shows you how you truly are because it melts away all the barriers. Love fills you, inspires you, makes you stupid, makes you brave, Love Makes You. You learn from love, you learn from pain, you learn from loss, your loss means gains.

    If loss teaches you anything, it's how to value things; love is not to be mis-valued, love is intangible, it's complex, it's simple, it's asinine, it transcends anything you ever thought you'd comprehend. How do you want it, romantically?, familially?, bromantically?, lustfully?, longingly? It's all these and more, you just need to know which one you are looking for at which moment.

    Love is a series of synapses in your brain that associate someone with security and happiness
    Love is the answer your mind searches for when pain is the only thing traversing it.
    "Love is real, real is love, love is wanting to be loved"
    Love is the cure to fear
    Love springs from what you desire, unfiltered and unstoppable.
    Love is a hooker eating a hot dog at just the right angle

    Anything else is lust and you know it, you just don't want to recognize emptiness.

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