Love and pain

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  1. Maybe its cause its late and thats why I'm thinking about all this deep shit.

    Love, what does it feel like? I feel like,I misinterpet want for love. I get thos feeling in my chest with EVERY girl I like. Its an anxious feeling. Then I back off. IT SCARES THE HELL OUT OF ME. It scares me even more to share this info with the girl. I dont want to end up a chump. One of those guys who 'fall in love' but lil do they kno, lil miss sally is suckin off the whole football squad and the coach.

    But it seems my inaction causes said girls to move on which gives me my most relatable emotion: pain. Pain had been my partner in life. Its kept me disciplined and humble yet I feel its causing me to be cold and distant. Im great at faking emotions and faking a good time, but the main emotion I feel is pain. Not on no emo shit, pain is really physical with me. I get these pain episodes called crisis all througout my body. Its a long story, but when the pain fades is when I ferl the most human.

    Anyway, what is love? How does it feel? How can I express my emotions but not in a chumpish disney pg13 movie way? Why am I even writing this?
  2. I was robbed. I clicked on this thread hoping it was about BDSM.
  3. Damn that is some deep shit but love is a very strong emotion that i can not describe, but once you are in love your able to tell. But honestly not to be all disney pg13 shit lol i think you should just do what you think is right and express your feelings the way you think you should ( im sorry if this doesnt make sense im high soo im tryin my best) and if the girl doesnt feel the same way then theres no reason to feel like a chump just move on to the next. And remember confidence is key
  4. lol, same
  5. Alright, my mind is now a bit more "open :bongin: "
    Anyway, what is love and how do you know it's the real deal? Dude, tough one for sure.

    That feeling inside you describe is all of adrenaline flowing, the dopamine going and the heart speeding up. It's a great feeling, I know it well. That's the way it is in the beginning of really any relationship. Knowing for sure that it's real love takes a bit of time.

    After almost 8 years with my wife I still feel it and much more. It is really hard to describe. But it's like an inner peace and smile. The thought of being with that person is calming and soothing but at the same time reminds me of racing cars. The heart rate increases, I even get a little shiver down my spine.

    When she touches me, I still get goosebumps. I still feel the thrill during sex and the closeness when we just sit close. It's a wonderful feeling.

    Just remember that true love matures over time, there is no set amount of time but you know when it's right.

    Watch your partners eyes, it may be cliche to say they are the windows into the soul, but it is oh so true. You can tell a lot about how your partner feels by them.

    Follow love with your heart and mind, never with your primal instincts, those can send pretty mixed up vibes.
  6. glad I'm not the only one :smoking:
  7. Yeah that is very hard to tell when you are in love.. I am in love just yesterday she broke my ol' heart and wanted to split. She is amazing and very trustworthy everything I want in a girl. We split because she didn't want to drive to see me as much this school year and a lot of other deep crap. We were together for 3 1/2 years which to me is a long time. I feel like my stomach and chest are going to explode.

    It would have made it easier if she cheated on me or hurt me in a way, so I could just say fuck her and be pissed and move on.

    I have had 2 long term relationships the one before this girl was a bad one and I thought I loved her but I think I just loved her as a sex object ( was in HS). I am 23 and this last girl iv'e been with since I was 19. I could seriously see marrying her.

    This post probably makes no sense just venting sorry.
  8. I know what you mean, ReadThis...I had feelings for several girls but been to scared or whatever to make a move
    it feels bad

  9. lol..well damn..start one...

    sex furniture would be a good one too....they have some crazy objects out there...
  10. I mustve been higher than a mofo last night to post somethin like this. Weed is a hell of a drug
  11. all i know is some chick i was talking too ended up liking a heroin addict over me..whats this world coming too lol i feel like shit
  12. I should take some pictures of my homemade medical examination table sometime. It's simple and easy to make.
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    I don't know why this came up, but there should be a DIY thread in this forum for this topic lol
  14. do it!
  15. "I dont think pain is so romantic" -Tom Petty
  16. Yeah, I grew up with an abusive sibling that made me an extremely careful person. Grew up most of my life just learning how to fade into the background and not get into peoples (my brother's) way. It sucks because now I'm afraid to open up to people and don't like attention. On the otherside of it, I don't really like to show other people too much attention or interest because it used to mean bad things for me and I'm still training myself to forget it. Not being too close to people can really be painful, but it's how I've learned to avoid pain and is now coming back to bite me in the ass.

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    This. When I finally realized that the love of my life didn't give a flying fuck about me, I fell into a deep depression, but going to the gym and meditating with weed saved me. Pain has also been a big part of my life until now, but it has also helped, like OP
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  19. nobody can define love for you hun, its one of those ambiguous things. we all percieve things differently. you need to be true to your feelings.....your happiness is what matters at the end of the day. don't let fear run the show....we regret what we didnt do much more than what we did do. first yourself. treat yourself with respect and set boundaries. become that unbreakable, happy person inside.....and love will enter your life like never before.

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