Lots of water and nutrients?

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  1. Ok so my plants are about 2 weeks old now......i know im extremely late in the season and thats ok....i just wanted to give it a try.

    Now i have those plastic planter pots.....with the removable bottom "water catch"

    ive noticed that the pots hold a lot of water....i mean like i water once a week....

    is that healthy.....i waas thinking....if i remove those bottom lids to hold water in....and it drains faster i can add fresh water instead of having the same hot soil....

    And as of right now i havent been adding any nutrients because im using organic soil.....should i be?

    any tips?

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  2. So far so good.looks like the soil your using is woody.I think the the big chunks of wood help keep moisture longer.poke holes in it to aerate and help it dry faster.I would remove the water catcher and place the pots on something that doesnt block the holes.I can see in your pics that the perlite in the soil is stained yellow so your probably dont need to worry about nutes for a while.just let the soil dry out before watering again.you dont want the soil to soggy or you might stunt its growth.if you feel like you have to give it some fresh water i would just use a spray bottle & lightly mist it.
  3. I poked holes and this is one week later lol...big jump

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