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  1. I have no money to grow indoors, so I'm just gonna grow em outside. This creates some problems because I live in a neighborhood and don't want anyone to notice. So I don't want them to be very big or have to take care of them for long.

    I am not going to use any nutes or special soil which I know is pure evil.

    I was hoping to just let them grow a foot or two high maybe topping it or LSTing a little and then throwing a bag over it for part of the day for awhile to induce the flowering stage. Would that work out and how exactly should I do it?

    I don't expect a huge grow or anything and know I won't get great stuff out of this (so please don't just tell me it's a waste. It's not gonna cost me anything and I didn't pay for the seeds), but this is pretty much my only option, and I would appreciate some help.
  2. Sorry, but I won't offer advice to assist someone in killing cannabis plants. Good luck.
  3. I'm not murdering anything I'm just trying to get the most of the plants without getting caught.
  4. That's a solid idea at any age.

    Trun the soil over where you plan to grow. Like 3-4 inches. Plant the seeds about 1/4 in the ground. I suggest soaking the soil first and then placing seed. I've never force flowered outdoors. If you can, let the plant grow normally. Unless you're growing in the middle of the street, I doubt anyone will find your plants or even notice what you are up to. parks are another bad place to grow. Not as obvious as the middle of the street, but in public view anyway.

    You'll need to be pretty far from streetlights and home security lights. You might find a space between your garage anf your neighbors. Here, the trashman could notice your plants. The best place to grow is either in the forest in any are nearby, or a vacant lot.
  5. By living in "a neighborhood", I assume you mean some sort of middle-class suburban residential neighborhood -- houses on both sides, houses across the street, other houses behind you, etc. Your problem is, in order to get any bud, the odor will be too close for comfort. I live in such a neighborhood, and that is exactly why I grow indoors.

    If you cannot maintain stealth then you shouldn't grow, no matter how much you want to. Don't push your luck, it's not worth it.
  6. Thanks for the advice I was planning on planting it off in the woods that are between the houses in somebody else's yard and deep enough so nobody would see it.

    The main question I have is whether I can put a paper bag over it for part of the day to induce flowering when I don't want it to get much bigger.

    Appreciate all the help.
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    He is right. Its not worth it. Most likely you're going to get caught. Someone will notice you coming and going to your spot. It's best to wait until you have to resources and the privacy to grow properly.IMHO
    I doubt a paper bag would do it. You'd have to construct a dome/tent big enough to set around it. 5bucks at lowes pvc pipe/fittings and some black bags would probably do it. But then you have to worry about heat building up inside there and causing mold and stress for your plant. It most likely wouldnt work. But hey I could be wrong:rolleyes:
  8. in all honesty if you aren't going to invest at least a little money into this project your plants will most likely not make it past the vegetative stage, depending on how naturally rich the soil in your yard is and the amount of sunlight they can get without your neighbors noticing

  9. Yeah I have been waiting for someone else to say it, since the one guy thought it was a solid idea. I was going to say, that the bag idea won't work. For one, it has to be light proof, and for two, you have to do it every day. If you just did it once, or twice, would not work.

    A lot of people go 12/12 light to induce flowering until they start to see preflowers. At that point the go back to a veg light cycle and then the plant stops flowering and goes back into veg. That would be, at best, what would happen in your scenario.
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    this brings up another point. I have a few years construction knowledge and I'm not sure what they do where you are but most of the subdivisions and subberban type areas are all built up on fill dirt and packed in to ensure foundations and for utlities. The chances of your plant making it is unlikely. at the very least you could time it right with some good soil. You said you want a smaller plant.. so you dig up a whole aproximatley 15" round and 15" deep. place some thick plastic in the hole as a liner(cut it to fit like a bowl) fill in with purchased soil.
    Like this This picture is provided courtesy of Novas Guerrilla Grow
    I suggest spending the money on good soil and ill tell you why. FFOF comes with all the stuff your plant needs aside from water and light for the first 2 months. That will give you what you need and the time you need to buy a couple of small bottles if nutrients. They're like 12 bucks a piece and with the "lucas" formula you only need 3 things. flora,micro and ph down I use General Hydroponics
    for my garden. Also youll need a ph testing kit(6.00 at a pool cleanin supply house if you really want to go cheap) to get you close to 6.3-6.6.

    No matter how you look at it you have to invest SOMETHING. which is why it cost money to buy it:rolleyes:
  11. Thanks for the advice everyone I haven't decided if it's worth the risk yet, but if I do it I will post my results.
  12. grow inside, less risk, easier, better results
  13. I would grow inside except I still live with my mommy (because I'm a teenager not a loser) and she's not cool with it. :(

    Oh well if I decide not grow it I'll just help my friend who is and wait until I live on my own. :D
  14. How old are you exactly?
  15. Still in High School.

    I have some more questions about growing in general if anybody wants to answer.

    When female plants mature do they naturally produce viable seeds without pollination, and would those seeds produce essentially a clone if there was no male to pollinate it?

    In some of the forums I have noticed talk of breeding back to the mother and inbreeding in general. Does inbreeding not produce negative effects?
  16. I hope you know that in the rules when you register it clearly states you must be 18 or older to be a member of this forum. I am glad that you have enough respect for your mom to not grow in her house.

    Now you need to show a little respect to The City and come back when youre of age.IMHO
  17. I am an 18 yr-old teenager who is still living with his mom and is still in High School. I don't think there are any rules against that.
  18. I wasn't trying to be rude. The rules are put there for a reason. Its obvious you have some sense because You have enough respect for your mom to not go against her wishes. However, when you say 'im a teen living with mommy' most are going to automatically assume you're not on the higher end of the teens. No offense. If you are 18. I apologize and I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.
    Thanks for coming to GC!
  19. It's cool dude I understand. Just thought it was funny that my age might be a problem but talking about growing weed without proof of a medical license or anything is fine.
  20. Yeah. I know. But thats the way the cookie crumbles. Another example is talking about the sale of MJ is not allowed.:eek:

    Which from GC side could be understood. They don't want their site used for sales and such. Its just best to take a minute to read the rules just to avoid any problems if you truly enjoy being here. Take it easy bro:cool:

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