Lots of movies my area

Discussion in 'General' started by SmOkiepokie, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. This is really random but I'm stoned so what the hell. Recently there's been so many movies right in my town. First it was this billy crystal movie being filmed right down my street. (called parental guidance. Then this other movie was filmed at my high school I just graduated from. It's called trouble with the curve and has Clint Eastwood, Justin timberlake and Amy Adams. Btw my hs is less than 100 yds from my house. Then there was a lifetime movie filmed at my hs. And now theres this other movie called premature that's being filmed at the steet right behind me. 4 movies since about early april I believe. See premature when it comes out. You may see me hitting a bowl in the background.

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