Lot of Guests Around Here

Discussion in 'General' started by Rahzizzle, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. Total Members Online: 789 (264 members and 525 guests)

    Why don't you guys just sign up and show your faces?!?
  2. Yeah, what the heck ha.
  3. The po-po is circulating.
  4. haha we all used to be a guest at one point or another.
  5. I lurked here since about mid 05.
    WHen i wanted to start a grow.
  6. there hiding behind their little computer screens...and the popo are probly checkin it out. i wasnt lurkin too long before i signed up.. but then again im completely legal :)
  7. wow EuDxKing and you have over 1000 posts in 2 months... that's impressive

  8. He had 3 years of catching up to do :smoke:
  9. i was a guest for almost 2 years until i realized forums are free to join, and again it proves that i am not the most observant person
  10. For the win...
  11. were you high???:eek:

    if all the guests just join already GC would be huuuuge.

    now i gotta take down my pix, and remove my location. FUCK THE POPO! :wave:
  12. I believe most of those guests are members who simply do not log on unless they wish to post. At least, I hope that is what it is.
  13. lol i noticed that. *dies laughing*
  14. I just assumed almost everyone who is a member here has GrassCity set up to log on when they come to the site.
  15. ^^ I'm only a guest when I'm not at my computer, I forget that the auto log-in can't recognize you at a different computer, damn technology.

    But I'd guess the majority of guests are minors, it is getting into the summer months, so they don't have to be in school all day anymore, maybe this year they actually realized signing up and being dumb will get you banned, especially when your under 18.

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