Lost Your Keys While High? 100% solution

Discussion in 'General' started by Blueschew, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Got stoned and can't find your keys?

    They're in the last door you unlocked. I promise.
  2. What if I drive a motorcycle?
  3. What if I lost them when I'm not driving?
  4. lol this is like 13% effective, too many factors.
  5. I said last door you unlocked, so your motorcycle wouldn't factor in.. Same with not driving. It could be your front door. Like I said 100%
  6. Yeah, because I unlock my front door with my motorcycle key :rolleyes:
  7. My cloud did not come with a door.:cool:
  8. this always happens to me when i come home baked. -.-
  9. My door has a passcode, problem?
  10. Dude.. No lie..

    I'm known to get high and stash my keys in some RANDOM ass places..
  11. Op you've have one rip too many. Lol op finds keys in door "omg I must tell everyone! It's fool proof."
    Not hating op just find it funny. I would add some smoking faces but I'm in quick reply mode. Hang on to your keys op

  12. No this has definitely happened to me a minimum of 30 times in the last six months.
  13. i know how to break into my car without using any keys or damaging my windows

  14. Im actually surprised hasn't ever been broken into. The lock on my sliding back window broke off.
  15. i live in my parents' basement, but they don't know. i sneak in through the window. so how do i find my car keys?

  16. [quote name='"steezyDAT"']i know how to break into my car without using any keys or damaging my windows[/quote]

    One time we locked the keys in the car and opened it with a rock and a stick true story

  17. lol its easy cause last time i left my keys in the car, i had to rip the rubber thing on top of the car door. bend the windows back, not too much or i could shadder my windows and unlock it with my hands.
  18. Belt loop clip = no problems.
  19. [​IMG]
  20. how the hell do people lose their car keys anyway? i never have...like either they're in the basket by the front door, in my car's ignition, or in my pocket. nowhere in there is there any chance for me to lose them.

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