Lost my rolling papers and an extremely bummed out

Discussion in 'General' started by bdk2jw, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. idk if this is anywhere to post this, but I feel like absolute shit right now. I just got off an extremely stressful day at work, and got myself a few scratchers to play tonight. Well, I couldn't find one of them, and I lost like 3/4 of the ones I could (only got $2), but I really wasn't that upset since it was gambling after all. But then, when I went upstairs to go roll up a j, I couldn't find my papers. I've looked all across my house now and they're no where to be found. I'm really down right now, I know I can just smoke out of a bowl but I really enjoy papers, and on top of my bad day (and week, earlier this week I lost a $20) I'm in a crummy mood.
    Just venting

  2. You like sushi? I have a buddy that got a sushi kit for Xmas one year, so one night he ran into the same problem. So the guy rolls flat joints out of nori for two days. Fucking seaweed sushi doobies... Lol. Sorry bro. You'll do alright with a bowl.
  3. woah, never even thought of that but it sounds pretty cool
  4. shit happens man. just pull your chin up and more forward. I'd smoke a bowl and forget about it. 
    cheer up bro!  :smoke:  :bongin:
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    How he came up with that shit sober I'll never know. I thought necessity was the mother of invention... but in his case I'm guessing desperation was the mother..
  6. Dude, you got weed, smoke that shit and enjoy.  Some of us ain't even got the Rez to smoke.
  7. how about green top onions would that work
    the only thing i have to smoke out of is doorstoppers since i ONLY smoke joints 
  8. No aluminum foil? An old steel ink pen body? Make a vaporizer out of an old light bulb, small deep well socket, safety pin through a bud..... you gotta open up your horizons brother.
  9. Scratch it tickets are a scam bro

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  10. You know where they are? Where do you roll? They are in between a cushion, in between that cabinet, or you took them out to the garage... You roll anywhere else recently? Check yesterdays pants pocket, or that shirt you wore instead of your jacket......come on damn you, think. Lol. I sympathize brother, I really do.
  11. yeah I've actually realized that tonight. excluding the one i've misplaced, I've only won 1/6 of all the ones i've bought, and I only got $2, so yeah not really gonna buy any more
  12. man i am telling you, I tore my entire room apart. Thats the only place I've rolled within the last like year. Tore.It.Up. I've thoroughly checked every other room I actually use, and same with the clothes. I went out the other day with them, probably fell out of my pocket tbh

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