lost my entire harvest.

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  1. I was growing 3 females outdoor in the woods behind the house. All had been growing since march they were one satvia, and two indicas. One of the indicas was 6 feet tall, 3 feet wide with softball sized colas. The other indica was 4 feet+ tall, 4 feet wide cause it had been reveged it look like it was all main colas filled with buds all the way down. But anyways I went looking at the plants today. And boom they all were gone! I had them in two spots too. They were ripped up from the soil and my branch gate destoyed. My harvest ruined. I'm gonna get you motherfuckers!!!:mad::mad:
  2. That sucks big time man.

    You have any idea on who did it? Like, do you think it was some kids that stumbled across your stash or do you think it was the police since they found both spots?

    Sorry to hear about that shit.
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    I really don't know I mean there's houses around the woods and shit
  4. Were the plants totally gone? Or just fucked?

    That sucks the big dick dude.......
  5. Happened to me last year man. I feel your pain.
  6. some one has to die
  7. i found 3 plants in the woods the other day
  8. I disagree.
  9. ^I lol'd @ the post above the one above this post.
  10. ^ that confused me....
  11. indoor op... soon as i get out of my folks house it's indoor time
  12. I ninja'd you're ass good.
  13. ive been on both sides...ive stole many plants, and...probably cause of karma, have had my plants stolen. deal with it, get ready for next yrs grow, and find a better spot.
  14. that sucks ass man.. my boy had his plants jacked a few years ago, he lives down the street from me and grows like right in his yard (he has a big yard and a good bit of cover so there not out in the open) but his plants didnt get completely jacked, someone just ripped all the buds off of em
  15. Yea man it really sucks i was gonna use those buds as my personal stash but now i gotta buy my shit.
  16. that does suck. hate to people who steal others plants. i would never do that.
  17. besides the 3 i found in the woods the other day i only stole one. call it payment for a debt, so it was all good.
  18. ^^ That's not cool.

    if it was more than 20, it's understandable...but THREE?!

    screw you for shorting some dude's stash.
  19. ^^ if u read the first post to this thread u wud realise the 3 plants was intended as a joke.

    but yeah, i took some fools plant. he lucky thats all i took.

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