lost i am.....

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by sureal, Mar 19, 2003.

  1. lost i am

    i stand erect in an empty room
    the darkness consumes my soul
    my heart sinkens deeply into an abyssmal melancholy
    i begin to heavly breathe
    i gasp for air to no prevail
    tumbling deeper into the convoluted pain,
    life's oxygen ceases to exist
    with a final attempt, i gasp!
    a rush of blood enters my mouth
    my body rejects the foriegn dry taste
    with the tightly lose swarm of pressure pushing agianst my flesh i open my eyes and scream.
    my glar fixes for the stars
    instantly i break into the new realm of clear being
    i am still in life
    yet i stand erect in an empty room
    i do not walk south or north
    i do not walk east or west
    i just stand
    i have no where to go so i will just stand
    after many ticks of the clock the fire which boils my rage rises
    anger sweeps across my chest
    rage intenseifying abruptly
    fist clenching
    pressure to great to holdfast
    on the verge of explosion I scream "STOP"
    grinding teeth intesely

    now one of two thing happen to me......

    i sit down and let my emotions poor out in a myriad of forms....

    I either ------------ (to personal)

    - - - OR - - -

    I break objects of any caliber. I just grab somthing an destroy it. i bite it, i slam it, i pound it, i clench it, and i smash it.

    i just needed to write somthing.
  2. Wow.....you angry.....
    And your anger rips deep into my head,
    My quietness, peacefulness, happiness dead,
    The pain and frustration engendered instead
    Your anger causes me pain....
    And it writhes, coils and twists round my soul
    The agony overpowers the whole
    My life turning dark, black as coal
    And still your anger pours in...
    My fists clench and beat at my face,
    The hate has devoured the beautiful place
    that keeps me a part of the human race,
    And now Im standing alone....
  3. emptiness.
    when the tick tick tick makes you gag..

    shit, i know it.

    on some days we stand
    lost, disquieted by the absurdity of it all.
    the blood rushes, keeping us alive.
    and the mind stays thinking.
    thinking, but never

    the pain


    but hey..

    ..when a creation of our mind bubbles over,
    as creators, what do we have to worry about?
    subconsiously, we all travel on a higher plane,
    where gestures create furniture.

    you just need to know how to get there

  4. lost i have been.
    i thought i found...
    then lost again...
    ...i became...
    when i asked....
    what is? who is?
    so lost again i am
    struggling alot
    with concepts,
    now forgot.
    care not i anymore
    ...for myself,
    i can

    elsewhere i now think.
    no more teetering,
    on the brink...
    of depression,
    dark and lost.
    elsewhere i can think.
    not allowing...
    myself to think...
    lost i am not more.
    no more lost am i.
    through my thinking,
    from afar....
    there i am...
    i can see...
    see him there...?
    he is me.
    me, myself, he I'm me.

    think away from me myself.
    look across, with perspective 'n' deapth.
    i could not see what was me,
    until ran away, became free.

    please don't ever make me respond to a thread like that ever again. ....... it warps the twisted inards of my brain.

    :D fun tho.

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