Lost four plants just sprouted three

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by sensecide, May 13, 2012.

  1. I had like 6 mids plants two of them are doing just fine but i lost like three of them and one flying dutchmen white widow, they just wilted and the leaves just got smaller and smaller i dont kow what i did but i did give them maybe a one twentieth serving of miracle grow to boost their growth that might have been where i fucked up but i got like three more healthy sprouts i cant name em all right now but i put them in a scotts premium top soil/miracle gro potting soil (feeds for six months) 50/50 mix do you think that it will burn my sprouts its NPK is .21-.07-.14 and i mixed it with half top soil so im hoping it wont burn
  2. any one think they know what it was
  3. dankohzee's seedling mix sticky

    40-50 % peat moss
    lime (5 cups per bale of peat)
    30-40% perlite
    20% worm castings

    very simple and can't fail. Your plants were a. burned from the ferts. b. stifled from lack of oxygen (no perrlite/peat which are airy) c. under/over watered etc...
  4. ok cool thanks

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