Lost a Good Friend/Phila. Folk Fest

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  1. My friend that was one of my best friends for the past 13 years went missing about a week and a half ago. He had been having problems with manic depression, sever social anxiety, and had been using heroin. The days before he disappeared he had told his Mom he was the happiest hes felt in awhile. After the 2nd or 3rd day he was missing I found out that he also took $100 from his parents and thats when I started thinking the worst had happened.

    On August 13 four of my friends and I headed to Folk Fest where we were going to camp out for 5 days or so. After just a few hours of being there we get a call saying our friend was found alive. Less than an hour or two later we get another call telling us he was found dead and not alive. The 5 of us were all really good friends with him and it hit us hard. Four of us decided to stay and try to enjoy ourselves until the service. This friend was my partner in growing this year and every time I walk through the woods to the plants all I can think about is him. It kills me every time. Ill truly miss him.

    Time to talk about Folk Fest. This was my first year hearing about it and at first I was skeptical. Im not a fan of Folk music but I figured I could have a good time regardless. It costs just $40 for 5 days of camping, free food, and free concerts. Only downside, is that you have to work for 4 hours each day. Well worth it in my eyes.

    Everyday and night there was something happening. The people there are so friendly its unbelievable. Everyone just comes together and has a good time. You could be drunk, high, rolling or tripping and it wouldn't matter because no matter what you would enjoy yourself. Im going next year without a doubt and you guys should check it out too.

    RIP Blake.
  2. My condolences

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