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Losing The Effect?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by StickyIckyWeed, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. I was just thinking, you hear a lot of people saying that if you smoke a lot of weed you'll get less and less high. Now, I don't know if that is true because when you look at Chubbs and Paul you see they get high and they smoke a lot (Wiz ain't got nothing on them LMAO!) and they still get high. Just look at Chubbs, he looks so high when he smokes.

    I guess I answered my own question, but I must say, this summer I've gotten a lot more used to getting high so I don't get those complete couch locks and shit. And I can handle my self with ease. My friends choke hard, but I haven't choked in like four weeks at least. That doesn't really got anything with getting high to do, tho.

    So my question is, will you get less and less high the more weed you smoke?
  2. It's not that you arbitrarily get less high the more weed you smoke. It's that as you smoke more and more cumulatively in a short stretch of time, THC accumulates in your body causing your cannabinoid receptors to become desensitized...also known as you develop a tolerance to weed just like to any other drug.
  3. People with tolerance still get high just takes more. I can only get like I want when I puff straight hash or eat it. And it also has yo do with the different hybryds out there. For example if all you smoke is sour diesel than it will start to not as muchbof an affect same with any strain. So you have to switch up and/or puff more hash
  4. Take a couple days or even a week t-break I've taken a year and a half t-break. Smoked a blunt of green crack for the first time smoking back and so was high I could barley walk put to get food. And I remember brig so sketched about the cops lol. Good times :).
  5. i find it has more to do with getting used to being high than it does actual tolerance. like for me it still takes about the same to get high, but it just feels so normal to me. im takin a break that will hopefully last a week
  6. i just get high for shorter amounts of time. like now, if i have something important to do i can smoke probably an hour beforehand and be good by the time i have to be there. before, i would smoke only maybe 3 hours beforehand, because i knew i'd burn out for a while, probably be stoned for an hour.
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    Routine bro, i swear I'd get the same high smoking blunts with friends than now lounging at home and smoking a single bowl to get high (danks) . Don't overdo it i stayed one smoking 1 bowl and after a week or two it may have dissipated (the high) a little but if you don't want a t-break then just start smoking 2 bowls a sesh. The brain gets so used to being high and comes accustom to it and when you take a break for a little bit it forgets the total effect and the cannabinoids start to release out of your body. Even a 1-3 day break will help but for full effects a good week or so will do.

    Smoking dank gets me high on average 2-3 hours while mids creates a high for maybe 1-2 hours.
    DANK FTW !!!

    Yes as you get older the highs will be different but that is just a changing personality and body. Also having different methods to get high like Chubbs has makes for so much variety. Most illegal states have fucking no varieties it's just eggs and toast while dispeserys are like candy mountain.

    toke on :)
  8. I have a high tolerance, usually an every day (bud) smoker. It's not that I can't get high high, I just have to smoke more weed to get there, and I don't like to do that.

    On those days that I do want to mix it up and get super baked off of minimal amounts, I'll just buy some hash and pack a small snap topped with some hash. Hash always does the trick.
  9. There is definitely a difference. When I first started smoking weed, 1 gram rolled in a joint on only me and my friend would get me totally ripped, so much that i wouldn't be able to function, I would just lie there and zone out. I got that feeling where if you close your eyes, it feels like your going down a roller coaster.

    But now, a 1 gram joint to my self doesnt even get me that ripped. Yes I get ripped but no where near that ripped. I miss getting that high :(
  10. I got chu bro. :)

  11. Best Friends? :smoke:
  12. i get equally high most of the time when i smoke. i get smoked up A LOT, so i take about four hits of the same general above quality bud. ALWAYS get ripped
  13. Oh yes. :bongin:

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