Losing her...help

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  1. I was recently seeing this girl we said we were "dating" as in just seeing each other but not being in a relationship. When we met there was instant attraction. Every time we were together felt so right and we were on the same level..but we've already gotten into 2 fights over small stuff. In the 1st fight she overreacted about something and in the 2nd fight I did the same. Since then shit's been weird and we pretty much agreed to not date. Also I have to mention that she's only been single for a little over a month after a relationship of almost 3 years..and after the 2nd fight she told me she thought about everything and that we were moving too fast and that she's not trying to see or date anyone right now. Although things aren't the same, we still talk and hang out but the vibe is a little different. We still hold hands, hug, and kiss but she's not so fast at starting it as she used to be, it's all me and she's going along with it. Also when I tell her I miss her she says it back.

    What the fuck should I do? Back off for a bit and not talk to her as much? Keep talking to her/hanging out and see how things go? Or should I just not bother period? I just really don't want to get strung along or get hurt or anything...I like this girl a lot and I want to know if I should fight for her or not.. and how...
  2. Give her space she must be scared of you....women put in alot of thought into choosing a significant other, and losing one isn't gotten over so easy (especially if she got dumped)
    She needs space but don't let go maintain the idea that you are still "into" her and hopefully she will see you ask a possible lover.....

    Women are complicated I know!
  3. How old are you two and are you having sex ?
  4. Sorry to say but it sounds like she is done. In a couple days she will probably say she doesn't want to do it anymore and that she still has feelings for her ex.

    Start backing off your emotions just in case so it will hurt less if it does happen. Getting strung along really fucks with you, as soon as it starts just let go of everything, period.
  5. both 20 and no sex
  6. you need to give her some space, but still be there for her as a friend.
    but i would hold of on the hand holding and the kissing for now.
    like definitely stay close to her though,
    but not so much as a boyfriend type figure, if you know what i mean?

    shes coming out of a three year relationship, she probably wants some time to enjoy being single, i know i would. :smoke:
  7. Losing her? You gotta have her to do that mate.

  8. Wait....... You are this hung up on a chick you haven't even banged out? Dude you seem like you are being real clingy. Chicks hate clingers. Just dress nice, act polite, take her to a nice restaurant, go clubbing, or go to the beach and put the moves on. You got this just be confident and don't worry so much. There are too many young, beautiful women out there to get hung up on one. These chicks wanna get boned you just gotta put the work in. :smoke:. You could also get her flowers. I always get laid when I give chicks flowers. Anything to make them feel special works.

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