Losing clones after planting, Common?

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    Everytime I put new clones into soil ( I get them in Rockwool ) I lose some of them, 10-20% . these are pretty well-rooted clones, roots coming out of the rockwool. These ones I just got even had like 2 inch by 2 inch rockwool cubes below the intial cube, and are about a foot tall, but even in this batch i've got some initially just dieing as soon as I bury them in soil...

    What's up with that?

    They're withering up ( bottom leaves first ) and turning an immediate brown and then dieing.
  2. are you overwatering or adding nutes?

    im not too experienced in cloning but IMO some of them would die due to them being cloned. i mean if you were cloned you probably wouldnt come out perfect lol.
  3. I watered them once when i put them in the soil... They're only been in soil for 24 hours and a couple were already wilted ( no color change just wilting up ) when I put them in, now 2 more have followed suit and the first 2 are basically dead.

    This happened last grow too.

    I don't know what the conditions were where the clones were taken from, is this common just from changing light sources and temperatures? just too much shock for the plants? cause these things were obviously healthy before they moved, theyve rooted through 3 inches of rockwool and have probably been growing for 3 weeks +

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