Loserface Justin Bieber Earning Reputation for Being Hollywood's Biggest Brat

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    Teen sensation Justin Bieber has built his empire on being a squeaky clean pop prince with a face and vocal talents that routinely bring millions of screaming girls to their knees – but behind the lights and cameras many are accusing him of being Hollywoods biggest brat.

    A source told FOX411’s Pop Tarts that on a recent flight from Los Angeles to Asia, the Canada native, 17, caused quite the ruckus. According to the eyewitness seated close by, Bieber refused to cooperate with flight staff when they asked him to take his seat in preparation for takeoff.

    “He then gave the staff a really hard time the whole flight, nobody could believe it,” said the source. “And then at the end, the Captain introduced himself to Justin and kindly asked for an autograph, and he rudely refused.” Reps for Bieber and American Airlines did not respond for comment regarding the incident. But this most recent incident is hardly the first time the Biebs has been accused of having a seriously bad attitude.

    Earlier this year, “CSI” star told French radio show “Le Grand Direct des Medias” that Bieber was “kind of a brat” during his on the hit CBS program, and while he was nice to her during their scene, he didn’t have the same demeanor with the crew. “He locked one of the producers in a closet,” she added. “And he put his fist through a cake that was on the craft services table.”

    Just a couple of weeks after that revelation, David Koch, host of the Australian morning show “Sunrise,” slammed the singer’s bad attitude, revealing that he put on quite the poor performance during rehearsals to appear on the show. Koch claimed that at one point, Bieber scolded the floor manager who was attempting to direct him on where to perform, screaming “don’t ever f**king touch me again.” “I thought, ‘maybe someone needs to drag you aside and give you a bit of a slap,’” Koch continued.

    Bieber later defended himself against the allegations, tweeting: “hearing adults spread lies and rumors is part of the job I guess. But all I have to say is… kill em with kindness. So everyone keeps smiling.”

    A few months ago, the “Never Say Never” star again came under fire for snubbing a fan who patiently and excitedly waited at the airport for him to depart the Philippines, but once again took to Twitter to announce he was really sick at the time. But soon thereafter a went viral on the Internet, showing the child star ignoring another dedicated fan at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport who requested a CD be autographed.

    Other rumors include reports that he shoved a female photographer after she got too close to him and he has also been snapped flipping off the paparazzi.

    Read more: Justin Bieber Earning Reputation for Being Hollywood's Biggest Brat - FoxNews.com
  2. can't wait til this shit stain is on celebrity rehab five years from now
  3. i also posted a thread about how grass city should place ads on the forum. it's really starting to blow up.
  4. Hes not known for making quality posts.

  6. Who cares, get over it.
  7. Bieber's a fag. Anyone offended by my use of the word fag can shove it.

  8. dude go somewhere else with your rude posts
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    I wanna see Biebs kick some reporters ass

    EDIT: Did u call justin bieber a loserface?
  10. Wait what... that kid is scrawny as fuck and short too. I hope one day he gets his ass beat. I simply cant imagine him punching somebody lol
  11. I heard he has a 10 inch dick

    But it's in his ass

    And it belongs to usher
  12. hahahahahah!!! fucking funny man!
  13. If we all went back in time and changed our opinions on justin bieber to positive opinions, like the fact that hes not that bad of a singer, and his vocal career was just shadowing other top artists of todays society, no one would be bustin' his balls. Everyone hating on him is just hoppin on the bandwagon of bieber haters.

    Let this kid do what he wants, he was born with a gift, let him use it.
  14. but he's so whiny...

    maybe he should make better music...

    for every hater there's 12 teenage girls that love him

    so good for him

  15. His 5 minutes arent up?

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