Los Suns finally beat them spurs

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by astro_righteous, May 10, 2010.

  1. its nice to see they did it in a sweep too. i mean nothing against the spurs. they are a great team but its just crappy that for the past few years that they have hit the playoffs they never could get past the spurs.

    but they did it in a sweep this time around. thats pretty sick. and ill even go as far as saying they probably wouldnt have won tonight if the spurs hadnt lost the ball so much and gave away all those points on turnovers.

    and mad props to nash for keeping on his game after that cut eyebrow. he was still on fire. and he probably would have hit each of those little jumpers from the left of the line in the beginning of the 4th.

    i hope they beat the lakers tho too. that would be insane.

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