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Discussion in 'General' started by phoenity, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. In September I'll be headed out of DC on my way to Hawaii. I've got my layover planned so that I'll be spending about half a day in LA.

    I've never been to California but everything I hear about it seems like one of the chillest places compared to DC.

    My question is what is chillest spot I can head to that's not too far away from LAX to walk around and explore CA?

    I've been a regular toker for a couple years now. In that time I've seen some pretty nice buds, but mostly what we smoke is just regular orange buds brought in from Canada most likely. Nothing special...not many trichomes but still a good smoke and most definately better than smoking schwag.

    I've seen quite a few pictures of what some really good bud will look like. Looking at some of the pictures here is like a kid in a candy store...but without being able to buy anything!!

    How difficult will it be for me to find some of the dankest shit I've ever seen in my life for my short visit to CA? I'd like to chill on the beach somewhere. Any suggestions where to check out for cool places and people?
  2. Foo, L.A. is down. LA. has one of the finest DANK anywhere. If you're only spending half a day here than there's not much I can recommend. The area around LAX is alright to check out.

    You might find someone that slangs but you gotta be smart about it man. You don't want a UC fucking you over.

    Well yea hope you enjoy the few hours you spend here.
  3. Of course I'd be careful about it. I'm not going to bother with people selling anything on the street. This isn't likely to be the shit I'm looking for anyway is it? Are the dank buds sold on the street?

    I'm mostly looking for a chill place to check out where I might meet up with some cool people and go from there.

    How is Venice area? Santa Monica?
  4. Stupid pig. These threads are ludacris.

    You have NOT been a regular toker, if you make a thread like this. You'd know wehre to look.

    Flaming other members is NOT tolerated here. --Hempress
  5. :rolleyes:

    I'm not asking where to purchase or for anyone to meet me. I'm traveling to a place I've never been and only for a short time, so I want suggestions of chill places to check out.

    Preferably lacking in the rich yuppie types.
  6. just remember you are going to a place called Los Scandalous...people do sell dank shit on the streets but it's taking chances...people out here are quick to snatch your $...depends on the area though. Visit Venice beach if you can take a short trip.

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