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  1. just wondering about loosing my beer belly, i'm not fat i'm 6 foot 168 but i just have a little bit of a beer belly and i cant seem to ever get rid of it even from doing sit ups and shit. could it be my diet, or something like that or maybe it' just natural? should i try running more, or just keep pushing through it and doing abs everyday and hope for results
  2. Sounds like you're pretty lean to begin with so just do alot of core exercises and cut down on carbs and fats.

    Go running, also good for the core.

    Your body wants to maintain a certain weight, be it fat or muscle. I'd rather it be muscle, how bout you?:D
  3. I've also wondered this, I work out semi regularly, benching, squats, and curls, but nothing will get rid of my lower gut. its infuriating, because the rest of me is in better shape, but this makes it look like I've done nothing.
  4. Situps work fine, you must push yourself. After a good workout, you should feel like shit the next day, if not, you didn't work out enough.

    After a day of situps, I can barely get out of my bed in the morning. I love my 8 pack.
  5. man, I was afraid you were going to say that.
  6. Lol, i feel ya...
  7. I used to half-ass my situps and wondered why my gut was there (even for only being 140 lbs @ 5-10). A weight trainer showed me the correct ways, and they ALL hurt :D haha.
  8. so how many situps do you think you do a day, just so you know i play college baseball so i'ts not like i can't take it. i know its prob a time you do them not an amount but how many do you think you do? do you do them everyday? and how long do you do them for?
  9. When i'm at home and not busy i'll just bust out some sit ups and other ab workouts. just do them for like 30 mins at night while listening to some music :)
  10. Try the abwheel. First time I did two sets of ten and could barely move the next day. Could still feel it several days later. Beats the hell out of sit-ups IMO.
  11. Abwheel is good if you are looking for new core exercises, no need to go buy one until you get to the point where its difficult to make your abs sore.

    Proper sit ups will tear you the hell up. You bend at your waist with your back arched, and then slowly lower your upper body down with your back arched, the top of your back touching the ground first.

    Like this http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/exercises.php?Name=Sit-Up

    Alot of people don't have the determination to complete proper sets of these, and therefore they don't get enough credit.
  12. I'm right where you are.

    5'11" and about 165, with a bit of a beer belly developing due to my lack of activity in the winter and my affinity for heady beers.

    I've recently started running, swimming, and, most importantly, imo, trying to cut back on munching like crazy late at night.

    That's my biggest problem...I will eat everything in sight at like midnight-3am.

    After curbing my late night munchies, and working out only a few times a week, I have already gotten rid of most of my beer belly.

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