Loose cord for 600watt ligth?

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    I got a 600watt hps the other day and hooked it all up. The cable that goes from the socket in the ballast to a power outlet seems to be a bit loose. The only way I could see this being a problem is if my cat or someone were to accidentally move it enough to turn it off. Otherwise the light works great with no problems. Should I return it or is this normal?
  2. At which end is it loose? The end that plugs into the wall socket or the end that plugs into the ballast? You can try "spreading" those metal prongs a little bit so it will fit in tighter into the socket.
  3. id return it, just me, fire is my biggest fear, you already mentioned cat. Then you have water around your light and plants...loose connection, accidental spill on lose wire. I trip on mine sometimes for some damn reason!!! Anything can happen, you want 100% what you pay for!
  4. The end that plugs into the the ballast. It seems as if the cord is loose because the socket looks completely find and if I push it all the way it works but its really easy to jiggle loose.
  5. Ye I just don't want to have to wait 2 weeks for the return. Is a fire a potential hazard?

  6. Nope your fine.

  7. lmao okie dokie...

  8. my sons entire roomed burned down cause

    loose connection on a lamp i built for him, and him tuggin on it

  9. When your lights turn off 10 hours into a cycle, and you have to wait 2 weeks for a new one, cause you didnt return that one, and you ruin 2 months of work....

    could happen
  10. Seat the plug fully then wrap with E-tape. Problem solved.

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