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Looky Looky!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Jul 20, 2002.

  1. heres a pic that blnkboi and i drew, i did the rebel layout and the weed leaf and he did the background and "bling bling" effect lol...hope ya likes...

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  2. i like you namron...but i fucking hate rebel flags.
  3. why is that?...i like you too, and i have a lot of respect for them
  4. That is awfriggin right!
  5. i'm not for rebel flags but i guess i shouldn't say i'm against them. I'm in the coutry i got to put up with a lot of that shit.
  6. Nice Norm!!!!

    I've always lived in the south so I have the respect for it as well. I hate it's misuse but it's a part of our history down here. I don't have one flying myself but to see it doesn't offend me.
  7. yeah, i dont have them flying either, lol, but, i do respect them, and i respect the herb,and both catch a helluva lot of flack for their i figured put the two together and get my ass kicked by all the narrow minded assholes if i could get it printed out and put on cloth i would fly this flag any day of the year:D
  8. I'm not a offended to this though I live in the north. Jus read up on the civil war in summer school, good ol stars and bars. That looks like a kickass flag though. Should put it in my signature, "The Official Flag of Chronic"
  9. I WOULD MOST DEFINATELY PUT IT IN MY SIGNATURE, BUT I CANT FUCKING FIGURE OUT HOW!!!...frustrating em immensly..any help oh master of the pics
  10. *bump*..this thread is being do i put it in my sig?

  11. What don't you have in your sig? Now you got to add something else, SJ's going to need a new server just to handle your sigs and all the posts about Nub's avatar.
  12. LMAO BPP!

    I have six rebel flags. If they bother you don't come to my house at parties!

    I agree with RMJL. It's the misuse of the flag that bothers me. It's a part of history.
  13. yeah, i encourage anybody reading this thread to check out the link i put up there a lil while back..BPP i was talkin about the pic..and now that you mention it i will just show off its glory here..

  14. Flying any flag is narrow minded
  15. wearing pants are narrow minded...

    please explain...

    enlighten me
  16. just one of those stupid stoned thoughts. when you fly a flag it shows your allegiance to whatever that flag stands for. A set of beliefs is narrow minded as you dont believe in things that disagree with those beliefs.
  17. thats a narrow minded thought think that just because i like they way something looks...or am proud of what something stands for, to say that i am in absolute agreeance and will accept nothing other than what this symbol tells me to believe is a crock of is narrow minded for you to judge someone by the clothes they wear, car they drive..hank and his minivan..lmmfao...or for a flag that i drew out of pure stonedness and thought it was really fucking jump to conclusions like that, is narrow minded....and if this is one of those flaming things that the city doesnt need feel free to delete or whatever, but, i see absolutely nothing wrong with stating it a stoned rant or not, i am right
  18. i think we're on the same page. any thought, belief, judgement, etc is narrow minded.
  19. not really...any biased judgement...premature judgement..any judement without any known information other than what kind of flag a person narrow minded..dont get me wrong, im not attacking you, this has just become a general gripe for me..there is way too much close mindedness out there..especially against marijuana

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