Looks like I'm quitting all drugs for a while

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  1. So I've had a pretty long and horrible week. At school a girl's crazy heroin-addicted ex-bankrobbin' dad (true story) told the school I've been selling his daughter drugs, which I never have. :confused: So they call my parents and tell them that a father called saying they've been told I've been selling his daughter drugs but they're not involved in it. They called me in that day and searched me fully even checked my shoes.

    One day prior to this I tried rolls for the first time and it was great. Well the day after the school calls my parents and search me my dad wakes me up in the morning and tells me he's drug testing me. So I do and they check it when I'm at school. Well let's just say my parents were less than enthusiastic when I came up positive for Methamphetamines, Amphetamines, MDMA, and THC after they've caught be several times smoking. So I guess I'm done with drugs until I move out.. and my punishment is basically nothing that would make me happy in anyway until then.

    Well thanks for reading if you did suggestions are appreciated.
  2. Sounds like crap
  3. Dam, you're screwed bro. Best advice is to just do what you're allready planin.
  4. Wow bro the odds where deff against you on that one.. Just lay low for a while brotha, maybe chill with some hallucinigens or sumthin for a bit :cool:
  5. ya bro maybe do some shrooms i beleive those dont show up on drug tests? only like once a week though
  6. That's a super tough situation.

    I suspect it happens more than people think too. After all, isn't "I was just holding it for my friend!" the oldest excuse in the book? And of course if you use it, the next question is always "Which friend?"

    You should try and turn this into something as positive as possible. Instead of mourning the loss of a favored recreational activity, try finding a new one that you can really throw yourself into.

    I know it's SUPER cliched, but there is definitely a high from kayaking, mountain biking, or most other hobbies. Try and find one until you're your own man again. Good luck!
  7. I bet you can't wait to move out now. That way you can do all the drugs you want, the rolls, meth, amphetamines, and whatever other drugs that make your life really worthwhile.
  8. wow bro, that sucks major dick. i feel sorry for you
  9. shit happens man, just shrug it off and give it some time, everything will b back to normal again.
  10. That sucks my brotha. This would be my advice. This is totally unrestrained. Look, like weed is great. I love it. The whole idea of it. What it represents, but it's old hat. People spend way to much fucking money on it and in reality there isn't much productivity to it. Same with other drugs. I mean yes you do be come more creative, in tune, ect., but it doesn't mean you can't live without it. Most people do. And since you've already smoked and fooled around with other drugs, it's not like you won't have any drug related memories when you get out of high school or whatever you're in right now. Consider this a lesson learned and a blessing in disguise. This could save you from some other bullshit that could of happened from you smoking or fooling around with some other shit. Also, you will be more inept as a sober person. Good experience in terms of learning how to be sober 24/7 365 if that's something you haven't seen in a while. I would be pissed as balls and would probably try still smoking and finding a way around it, but cut your loses and just wait until college. This might help you in many many ways. Anything can be positive, especially something taking you away from a negative (in some light) hobby. Good luck brahster.
  11. When somethin like that happens to me I just take that shit and use it as motivation. Soon youll be able to do what the hell you want to. Stay cool
  12. WTF dude this guy doesn't know that all of that stuff is inside of the pills. It's not like he sat down and smoked meth and amphetamines and snorted MDMA or w.e. He popped a pill.
  13. Sounds like you're on the wrong forum.
  14. Man I didn't do anything that bad karma must just love fucking me over.. :(

    I'm planning on trying shrooms or acid soon though and may start a new thread for advice on those matters.
  15. Sorry to hear about your stressful situation. Since you were on so many drugs, it seems like you probably have some issues you need to sort out. I suggest a healthy addiction like yoga or meditation. I'm not woo-woo new-agey or anything, but it IS very helpful to just clear your mind and figure out what you want or need to do so that you don't need all sorts of drugs to fill a void. Seriously, just try sitting in the dark with nothing to distract you and I think you'll learn a lot.
  16. ^^He's not doing, "So many drugs," he smoked weed and had one pill, ex is almost never pure so traces of those drugs were in his pill.
  17. Oh, he got the all-in-one special. Nice.

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